Exploring the Depths Alone: A First Look into World of Warcraft's Follower Dungeons in Patch 10.2.5

World of Warcraft's upcoming Patch 10.2.5, titled "Seeds of Renewal," introduces an innovative feature that reshapes the dungeon experience: Follower Dungeons. This novel system allows players to venture into dungeons solo, accompanied by a party of non-player characters (NPCs). As we delve into the first 10.2.5 PTR (Public Test Realm) patch, let's explore the mechanics and nuances of this exciting addition.

Embarking on a Solo Adventure: How to Access Follower Dungeons

To begin your journey in a Follower Dungeon, navigate to your Dungeons & Raids window and select the Dungeon Finder tab. Here, you'll find a new queue category named "Follower Dungeons." In the initial Patch 10.2.5 PTR build, all eight Dragonflight dungeons are accessible in Normal Mode but with a twist—Follower difficulty.

The Dynamics of Follower Dungeons

Upon entering a Follower Dungeon, you're greeted by a party of four NPCs. These characters, hailing from the Dragonscale Expedition, are familiar faces from the Exile's Reach campaign. The composition of your NPC team varies based on your role. For instance, as a DPS, you'll be joined by:

  • Captain Garrick, a stalwart Protection Paladin
  • Crenna Earth-Daughter, a healing Restoration Druid
  • Meredy Huntswell, a fiery Fire Mage
  • Austin Huxworth, a Beast Mastery Hunter with two loyal pets, Nyx and Ash

Dungeon Assistance: Lead or Follow

A unique feature within these dungeons is the "Dungeon Assistance" ability. This toggles your NPC companions between following your lead or autonomously navigating the dungeon. In "Following" mode, the NPCs will engage enemies only if you initiate combat. Conversely, in "Leading" mode, they will independently progress through the dungeon, mirroring the behavior of a typical player group.

It's important to note that while NPCs can aggressively engage foes, they won't perform other dungeon-specific tasks. For example, in Brackenhide Hollow, players must personally free Tuskarr captives, regardless of the NPCs' mode.

AI Behavior and Tactical Considerations

The AI of these NPCs is impressively sophisticated, capable of responding to unexpected situations, such as accidental pulls or mobs fleeing at low health. However, their limitations in interrupting non-primary targets or crowd control (CC) mean players need to manage these aspects. A delightful touch is Meredy providing food at each dungeon's start.

During boss encounters, NPCs display advanced tactics, like Meredy casting Time Warp. If players find themselves in dire situations, like low health or trapped, NPCs like Garrick will swiftly intervene with abilities such as Hand of Freedom.

Loot Distribution

The loot system in Follower Dungeons mirrors that of normal dungeons. Bosses may drop loot, but it's not a certainty. For instance, in a test run through Brackenhide Hollow, loot was obtained from only one of the four bosses.


Follower Dungeons in World of Warcraft's Patch 10.2.5 offer a unique solo experience, blending familiar dungeon mechanics with the novelty of NPC companions. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a newcomer, these dungeons provide an intriguing new way to explore the world of Azeroth.

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Last Updated: Jan 12, 2024