Does content complete mean what I think it means?

Fallen Earth has hit a major milestone and provided some new information. First off, the FE team announced that they have hit the "content complete" milestone in the development cycle. This follows the timing as stated after they hit "feature complete" in June. According to the forum post by Tiggs, the Community Director, the major content completed includes:

-New level of 3D realism through use of hi-poly normal mapped objects
-Hundreds of jackets, pants, belts, gloves and pads for players of all skill levels, yielding thousands of new character customization options
-More than a dozen customizable character slots including head, mouth, eye and ear slots
-New and improved range and melee weapons including bladed hockey stick, a parking meter, a Tesla hammer (a Taser on a hammer) and a baker’s rolling pin!
-Wide range of gear, including gas masks, hazmat suits, goggles and specialized body armor
-Approximately 70 towns including starter towns for beginner players, player-conquerable towns for PvP enthusiasts, and faction and barter towns for more advanced missions and character development (although this differs from our original estimate, we’ve honed in to make the best possible player experience)
-More than 5,000 missions available
-Three sectors of game play to be included in the game release: The Plateau (red desert sands and barren wastelands); Northfields (grassy wheat fields); and Kaibab Forest (trees and scrubby foliage)
-More than 50,000 lines of dialogue including information on missions, item descriptions, conversation options and NPC interactions
-More than 1,300 new and motion-captured animations and emotes
-Several thousand crafting recipes
-Database of more than 6,000 items
-Players combine materials and work with others to craft 95 percent of game items
-Players can mount and fire weapons from within different types of vehicles
-More than 1,000 square kilometers of explorable territory (this territory reflects game play for sectors 1-3 and will be available upon launch, while the remaining approximate 6,000 square kilometers will be made available in later expansions

That is a very impressive list. Of course now they have to make sure it all works, and gets the coat of polish so thick a skeptical MMO player can see themselves reflected in it.

Some of the eye-catchers in that list for me include the fact that 95% of the game items will be crafted, firing weapons from vehicles will be allowed and I'll be able to wield a bladed hockey stick. Those all look like good things to me.

Also announced today is a new and updated FAQ posted on the Fallen Earth forum. The list is very thorough and includes everything from reloading your weapon to the crafting process.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016