Like Everquest II, but different

Final Fantasy XI will soon be coming out with a new "Level Sync" system, designed to help people differing levels gain experience together. It will basically work like a normal group, only everyone's level will be scaled down to the same level as a target player. Note: I said scaled DOWN... not up.

The new Level Sync system is the result of extensive discussions on how to resolve these concerns, while preserving game balance and avoiding abuse and power-leveling by RMT groups. It addresses the issues that have resulted from a steady stream of new, low-level players joining an existing game world populated by scores of high-level veterans, and is part of the ongoing effort to clean up the FFXI community and remove players in violation of the users' agreement.

At the heart of the feature is the new ability for members of a party to "power down" to the level of a designated target player. Now friends will be able to adventure together and gain experience as if they were all the same level!

For more information on the new "Level Sync" system, please check the Final Fantasy XI Official Site.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016