There is a lot coming in FFXIV 3.2 and we'll try to break it down to what's important in the upcoming patch. Basically there is everything you expect in an FFXIV patch (patch notes 20 miles long, new main scenario quests, more Hildibrand, gear balancing and adjustment, etc.) along with in this update, a new mentor system for newbies, a new target dummy, new raid content, and some changes to duty finder / leveling.

3.2 comes right after 3.1 and is part of a rather interesting debate within the community. Containment Bay S1T7 has a regular mode, required to be finished before the extreme mode, that offers no real benefit other than to see the content. This is to let "casuals" enjoy the content, while maintaining the challenge for other players, but it has players split on how they feel about the game mechanics.

There isn't anything super insane changing in the game, no new classes / jobs, or anything like that. Additional end-game content, and some major quality of life improvements are the foundation of this update.

Mentor System: The mentor system is for players who have done quite a bit in the game (like finish 1,000 duty finder runs and get commedations at least 300 times). It lets you give a 20% bonus to players level 20 and under, talk into a novice help channel, and have a cool name tag.

Target Dummy: An advanced target dummy, in the form of a trial just for you.

Alexander: Midas: The next level is unlocked.

Raiding Highlights: High-capacity tomestones are a new thing this patch, rewarded for completing some of Alexendar regularly. This means you won't have to worry about RNG, but you will have to farm it regularly to get them. Allagan tomestones of lore are the new tomestones. Esoterics have had their weekly limit removed.

New Trial Highlight: The new trial, Containment Bay, has a savage mode which must be completed before the Extreme mode.

Leveling Highlights: For better or worse, the duty finder will show how many groups are in queue. You can now join the leveling roulette as a party. Lots of very small changes to the leveling process, plus the mentor queue for the duty finder should help fill slots anywhere players are struggling.

PvP Highlights: Season 1 is starting, along with The Feast, a new PvP mode where you attempt to steal the enemies medals. The team with the most medals wins in the end. It's a 4v4 or 8v8 arena, where on death you give up half of the medals you're holding on. Which I think is interesting, because it does make staying alive rather important, but you still need to take out the enemy. Should be fun.

UI Highlights: Map unlocks will now be for the entire map, in addition, you can adjust the subcommand menus. In addition, various photographic options are added like /battlestance and the such for poses, along with some iterations on the group pose system.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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