I don't put much stock in rumors because, well, they are rumors. I thought this was interesting though. As reported by Stick Skills, Square Enix is doing a little hiring for the Final Fantasy enterprise. Stick Skills' thought is that a little re-organization is happening to beef up employees for a fall FFXIV beta.

The rumours state that the beta of FFXIV will drop as early as September after a job listing appeared on Square Enix’s site asking for help from game testers and game masters.

Although FFXIV isn’t mentioned in the listing it does ask that applicants be very familiar with the FFXI universe which lead many to believe that most of the FFXI team would be moved to FFXIV including this job.

Maybe or maybe not? Is the game that far into development? Let us know what you think by clicking the "Post your comments" link below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016