Final Fantasy XIV: Hands-On With Reaper and Sage

Ben Janca of had some hands-on time with the new Final Fantasy XIV classes; the Reaper and the Sage. 

With the expansion just over a month away FFXIV fans are getting excited about the new classes, class changes and about how the story, that incredible story, will finally wrap up. 

Ben's article has no spoilers and you should read it in its entirety.  

Here are some snippets and takeaways. 

"After getting my hands on both of the new jobs, my biggest takeaway was fresh they both feel, both in terms of style and how they play.. This is most true for Sage, given that it is part of the new healer split between “pure healers” and “shield healers”. Reaper even does a lot to stand out against most of the other physical melee jobs. Overall, I feel like they are excellent additions to the existing jobs in the game and I cannot wait to play them more once the expansion releases."

This seems to be the general consensus from everyone who has touched either class.  

He had this to say about the Reaper:

The thing that I really liked the most was just how awesome the Reaper looks in motion. All of your attacks have these really cool red and blue tearing effects that follow your scythe movements and change depending on what ability you are using. This effect is only amplified when you get to go absolutely crazy in Bad Boy Mode, where your Warrior of light will be completely surrounded by twice as many of these bright, red and black colored tears from you whipping your scythe around wildy and I love every second of it.

Exciting times for FFXIV players. 


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Last Updated: Oct 13, 2021


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