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The Feast of Winter Veil is a in-game,
end of the year, holiday event that each and every player looks
forward to. A time of giving and celebration, mimicking the real life
holidays that fall at this time of the year, the Feast of Winter Veil
in World of Warcraft is all about spreading a bit of cheer. While
there is plenty to do to get you into the holiday spirit, including
holiday quests, munching on yummy cookies, or decking out your
character in some holiday threads, you may be looking for a different
way to celebrate this year.

Below you will find five ideas, packed
full of holiday spirit, on how to make this year's Winter Veil
especially special for you and those around you. Enjoy!

Give Gifts

Winter Veil and its real life
counterparts are holidays that are about giving. There is no better
way to embody the holiday spirit and celebrate than to hand out
gifts. Give to friends, enemies, and strangers alike, you're sure to
feel a special happy glow afterward. Not sure what to give? Check out
our list of Top
Five In-Game Gifts
for some unique gift ideas that
are sure to please just about everyone. Or if you would rather skip
the physical and give something with more meaning, take some time and
do some good deeds. Run an instance for low levels, offer up gold to
help buy a mount, or simply do some free crafting. Remember, even
small things can make a big difference. No matter which gift route
you choose to take, they are all a great way to celebrate Winter

Winter Veil Gifts

Host a Winter Veil Party

One of the best ways to celebrate the
holiday season is to throw a good old fashioned party. Stay small and
invite just a few select friends or go big and include your entire
server! Provide holiday themed food and drink to your party guests
and be prepared to dance the night away. You could also get
exceptionally creative and come up with some fun Winter Veil themed
party games to play or contests to win. Or if you don't have a lot of
time, simply stock up on snowballs for your party guests and let the
inevitable war begin.

Stage an RP Event

While I am not a professional at role
playing, Winter Veil seems to be the perfect time for it. The cities
are decorated in all their holiday glory and set a perfect stage for
whatever Winter Veil themed ideas you may have. So gather your
friends and set up a holiday scene and go to town. You can take up
roles like Great-Father Winter or the nefarious Greench or go totally
out of the box and do something altogether unique.

Go A-Wassailing

If you are like me, you probably didn't
know what wassailing was for a very long time. Better known as
caroling, many people take part in this holiday tradition to spread
joy to those around them. Even if you are a terrible singer, there is
something about belting out carols that makes everyone happy. So why
not take this tradition and transfer it into game? Head out to major
cities and sing your favorite real life carols or be a little
creative and create your own Winter Veil themed ones. Dress up and
have a great time. If you are really feeling brave, you can even try
to spread a little holiday cheer in cities of the opposite faction.
They wouldn’t kill a group of players wassailing, or would they?

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Be a Greench

The Greench is probably one of the most
disliked figures in Winter Veil. Sneaky and nasty, this character has
a pretty bad reputation. However, what would the holiday be without
him? So if cheer and joy aren't really your thing, you can decide to
spread you own type of holiday spirit by being a Greench. Send out
coal, head into the opposing factions cities and kill off all the
holiday themed NPCs, and other Greench-like things. Let your
inner-Greench run wild, but remember to not do anything too
dastardly, otherwise you may end up on Great-Father (or Greatfather)
Winter's naughty list.

That wraps up our five picks for
in-game ideas on how to celebrate the Feast of Winter Veil. Will you
be taking part of any of these activities in game? What are some
special things you do during this particular in-game holiday? Share
your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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