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Addons have become an almost essential
part of World of Warcraft. In fact, you will likely find very few
players that don't run at least a few. Being able to install your own
personal addons to World of Warcraft was and is one of the most
appealing parts of the game for many players, myself included. As
such, a plethora of mods has sprung up to satisfy just about every
desire you could ever have in game.

Some of these mods have managed to
become immensely more popular than others. Players choose to use them
because they are easy, functional, and make the game infinitely
better than it was before. Blizzard has, understandably, taken notice
of some these mods and their immense popularity. And over the years,
many of these mods have caused Blizzard to redevelop the game to add
similar functions.

In the Warlords of Draenor expansion,
we will be seeing more mods worked into the core game. While we are
always excited to see this happen, there are still some popular mods
out there that have yet to catch Blizzard's attention. Below you will
find our top picks of 5 mods that, without a doubt, really should be
part of the core game.


MoveAnything is one of those mods that
leaves us scratching our heads as to why it hasn't been implemented
in the game a long time ago. Basically, this mod lets you move,
scale, hide, and adjust the transparency of almost every screen
element in World of Warcraft. Let's face it, the default UI leaves a
lot to be desired. Implanting something like this is not only smart
on Blizzard's part, but long over due. Each player has different
needs and wants when it comes to where things are and it is about
time the game reflects it. This especially holds true for players who
love the default look of the UI, but just want to tweak it a tiny bit
without download tons of other addons.

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Clique is another simple addon that
allows for easy click-casting on your unit frames. For example, you
can bind a heal spell to go off when you hold Shift and click your
right mouse button at the same time. Any of the bindings you set up
can be used directly over your unit frames in order to cast spells
directly on another unit. This makes casting simpler, faster, and
better. The best part? Clique is extremely easy to use.

Of course, you might be thinking that
players can already do this in game by setting up macros. This of
course is true, however, macros can be difficult to create, hard to
perfect, and are pretty daunting for the new user. It is about time
this particular interface got a facelift and taking a page out of the
Clique play book is the perfect way to do it.

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Auctionator is a simple addon that
allows you to do some basic stuff around the Auction House that you
otherwise would have to spend a lot of time and effort to do.
Auctionator allows you to save your popular Auction House searches,
makes posting auctions simpler than ever before, and keeps you
informed if your current auctions have been undercut. These features
are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this addon, but know
that this mod makes almost every aspect of the Auction House easier
and more efficient. Let's hope Blizzard picks up and latches on to
some of these features for the game sometime in the near future.

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Sometimes it is the simplest things
that get overlooked, but are so important. Coordinates is a great
example of that. This simple mod does one basic thing; provides the
player with exact coordinates as to where they are in the world.
Coordinates are shown on the minimap, as well as the world map so players
always know exactly where they are. You
would think this would already be in the base game, since it makes
seeking locations and telling others about your location less
bothersome. Because of this, coordinates is the main way players
choose to identify locations on fan sites, leaving those who have
never heard of this addon more than a little frustrated. In-game
coordinates, in this author's opinion, should no longer be something
that you have to “add on” to your game.

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Have you ever been frustrated because
telling how much longer your cooldowns have is more than a little
difficult? I know I have and so I downloaded an addon like OmniCC.
This addon adds text to spells and abilities that are currently on
cooldown, letting you know exactly when they will be ready to
use again. The standard analogue cooldowns that come stock with the
game just aren't cutting it. I want real numbers that I can shoot a
quick glance at to get a definite time, not a grayed out area that
that leaves me guessing.

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That wraps up our top 5 picks for mods
we would like to see become a core part of World of Warcraft. While I
love seeing Blizzard take notes from popular mods and make them part
of the game, some would disagree. Some feel that this hurts the
modding community, however, I feel like it is the ultimate compliment. Not
to mention that it makes it easier for players who now have
one less mod to
download. Thus, I look forward to seeing more game developments based
on mods (perhaps some listed above?) happen in the future.

Do you love or hate when addons are
taken by Blizzard and made into a core game feature? What mods would
you like to see added to the game? Share your thoughts with us in the
comments section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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