Remember the days of unfriendly user interfaces, corpse runs, and getting whacked by your fellow gamer within minutes of logging into a game? Despite the harshness implied in that question, most of us look back those times with fond memories. Were they really the glory days we recall, or have our brains filtered them with the rose colored glasses of nostalgia? Can you ever go back to those games? This week in Forever Fantasy, Dalmarus goes back to play three of the most influential MMOG's in the world to answer the question once and for all.

You know, for a game that I played for more hours than any human being should actually admit to in public, I was shocked to discover just how much I had to relearn. It's not that the game has changed so much as to become unrecognizable, but the way everything is handled is so different from the big titles of today's age. I had to re-map virtually all of my keys, just to make it out of the first room.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016