MMORPGs offer a wide variety of playstyles. And while some prefer the up-front confrontational play of a warrior, others prefer to stealthily hide within the shadows and strike their opponents when they least expect it. These are known as Assassins and players will have the option to become one in the Forsaken World. In the latest Perfect World Entertainment blog, new details are revealed about the stealthy Assassin and some of the skills that they will have at their disposal. The Assassin is only available for play to the Human and Kindred and brings an arsenal of skills capable of controlling the flow of battle.

By the time you see one, it’s already too late.  Assassins have multiple abilities available to them that give them the ability to dictate the flow of a battle.  Whether it’s initiating combat with an unsuspecting enemy, or delivering a critical strike at just the right moment, the Assassin can appear and disappear from the battlefield at a moments’ notice.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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