Free In-game Rewards


In-game rewards are crafty ways that online casinos attract new players and keep their regular players in playing their games. These rewards, especially the free ones, help fuel the excitement and thrill of the casino games as well as give them an alluring appeal to first time players and site visitors. To give players and non-players of casino games an idea about in-game rewards, we’ll discuss the essential concepts of these rewards in the sections below.

What Does Free In-Game Rewards Mean?

From the term itself, it means that there are rewards programmed or integrated into the game you are playing. Generally speaking, in-game rewards are common features in online games, including casinos. The inspiration for integrating rewards in casino online games came from the in-game reward system of popular online games like Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption. The prize and rewards system differ from game to game in online casinos, but they basically share the same concept.

Free Spins for Slot Games

Developers of online slot games have easily applied the concept of in-game rewards into their games due to the more open and extensive gameplay than their land-based counterparts. Note that this in-game free spin reward is different from the membership or registration bonus or rewards you are receiving. The latter is generally a one-time offer, which can be availed by the player depending on the terms and conditions of the casino. On the other hand, the in-game free spin can be obtained in a random manner and more than once. It can be a prize option or offer that will appear if you get a certain combination of images in a line. It all the more adds to the irresistible appeal of online slots to new and seasoned players.

High Roller Reward

Some online poker and table games integrate this type of reward for certain games where players are on a roll. Developers may create a program that activates this high roller reward system if a player achieves a certain achievement in terms of winnings, a certain number of consecutive wins, a certain number of winning hands, and other special conditions. This reward not only benefits high rollers but also inspires other players to do better to achieve the special reward for accomplishing an extraordinary feat. The reward can range from additional prize money on the next winning game, “immunity” or a chance to keep your bet even after losing a round, a special chance to change a hole card, and other different types of reward.

Mobile In-Game Rewards

This is an exciting avenue being explored by online casinos and mobile casino game developers. Since most online casinos are leaning towards providing an online version or an app of their popular games, a special reward system is being developed to target mobile players. The rewards still basically follow the online system, only there are certain adjustments to make the gameplay and reward system more compatible with the mobile environment. One area that’s being currently explored is a reward system that can be redeemed or used in other mobile games. While this requires collaboration between different platforms of mobile games, it is also seen as a good opportunity for mobile casino games to gain mainstream exposure in the mobile field.



Human players have an inherent fascination and attraction to rewards. This is what video game and online game developers have taken advantage of to make the games they make more attractive and marketable. Online casino games work in the same vein to gain more players and have regular players return to them. As players, these in-game rewards can also work to their advantage if played right. Thus, for online casino games, an in-game reward can create a win-win situation for both casino operators and players.


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Last Updated: Jun 05, 2020