GamerDNA has posted a screenshot depicting the upcoming zone Tarantia Commons! While it doesn't show any real detail, it does show how big the zone will be and it's layout.

The grandeur of Tarantia City stands unrivaled in the MMO world. Now developers Funcom is expanding the city even further by adding Tarantia Commons, a whole new district to the city often called 'the jewel of the west'. But this part of the jewel is certainly flawed, with gangs fighting against each other to get control of the streets. This is where the poorest people of Tarantia lives, and there is even a leper colonly here. Going near it might even give your character a disease! Tarantia Commons is one of the largest content updates for Age of Conan ever, adding hours of new content with an action-packed storyline, exciting characters and rich rewards. Tarantia Commons goes live in Update 5, slates for release very soon.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016