Whether you like Richard Bartle or not he has certainly played a key role in the evolution of modern online gaming. His work developing the original text-based MUD (Multi-User Dungeons) with Roy Trubshaw has helped lead to what has evolved into the modern day MMORPG. And on October 7th, 2010 Bartle will be honored for his contributions by GDC Online in Austin, Texas at the Game Developers Choice Online Awards.

Bartle, who worked with fellow MUD programmer Roy Trubshaw at the UK’s Essex University starting in 1978, was responsible for greatly extending, fleshing out and popularizing the text-based multiplayer game, in which players logged onto a mainframe, socialized with one another, fought enemies and formed lasting friendships and relationships.

Also included in the ceremony is Ultima Online, developed by Origin Games, which will also be honored with the first ever Hall of Fame award for online games. Released in 1997, Ultima Online has been in operation for almost 14 years and was a key figure in the evolution of MMORPGs.

The persistent world installment for the seminal Ultima game franchise, which launched on September 25th, 1997, has now been operating for almost 14 years – and was a key part of the wave of late 1990s subscription-based MMOs which brought the genre to much wider attention.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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