The media bonanza of E3 certainly shines its spotlight on heavy-hitting
developers and their publishers, but sometimes it's also the perfect
opportunity to take a look at titles that may not be getting the amount
of attention they deserve. At this year's conference, Ten Ton Hammer
sat down with the developers of href=""
target="_blank">Global Agenda for a hands-on
preview and came away thoroughly impressed.

played several in-development persistent world shooters at E3 2009,
and GA seemed to offer the best mix of originality and pacing for
players that reside more on the MMORPG side of the gaming spectrum.
Unlike many of today’s shooters, gore and gut-wrenching
displays aren’t
a part of GA, and this is an MMO you can definitely play without
worrying about the wondering kid factor. When I had to run to my next
appointment, I certainly wasn’t finished playing.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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