Hi-Rez Studios' Executive Producer, Todd Harris, was interviewed by MMORPG.com at this year's E3 2009 about the company's upcoming MMOFPS, Global Agenda. Todd explains how the game place much like a first person shooter and explains about the class talent trees and the battle for the limited territory and resources in Global Agenda. The interview also gives a preview of the games character customization system.

MMORPG.com also scored a hands-on preview of the game, comparing some aspects of the game to the old 1998 shooter, Tribes. Dana Massey, the author, goes into detail about the games PvP system and how each class differs, including the various armors and dyes that can be used.

The game features four basic classes: Assault, Recon, Robotic and Medic. To FPS fans, these should be pretty familiar. The Assault class uses rocket launches and automatic weapons. He’s the shock trooper. The Recon class can take advantage of steal to surprise enemies from behind. Robotic players use robots and turrets, they’re the engineers. Finally, the Medic keeps everyone else alive. Each of those classes then has three different trees off of it for further customization.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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