Using deployables and droids, Global Agenda's Robotics class alone has the ability to hold sway over vast portions of the battlefield. But before you think that these turret-constructing tacticians spend all their time ratcheting a holohgraphic wrench, you haven't read about the sheer variety of devices, droids, and weapons available to the Robotics class.

Enjoy reading about Global Agenda's Robotics class, and as a special bonus, learn a little bit about what role "mechs" - or one-player robot suits - will play in the game. It's all in this exclusive interview with Global Agenda Executive Producer Todd Harris!

"Playing the angles with turrets, as far as knowing the maps and knowing the turret range, is the number one opportunity to succeed as Robotics. Number two would be beacon placement and protection – a good Robotics player often knows the right spot to set up their team’s respawn beacon and devices, be that turrets or sensors, to protect that beacon and help their team advance to the objective." - Todd Harris

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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