Goblinworks designers Rich Baker and Stephen Cheney collect Pathfinder Online questions from the community this week to serve up a fresh list of answers on some hot topics that include crowd control, constructing settlements, soloability, the benefits of Twice-Marked of Pharasma, and what it means to be a sandbox MMORPG.

"Sandbox" is a term used to describe a game that is largely unscripted and self-directed. Unlike games with a strong narrative arc your character follows and pre-designed adventures to embark on, a sandbox game relies on the player to decide what's fun and focus on that activity as long as he or she likes. In a sense, a sandbox MMO is a giant toolkit that players build their own game with. Some players might decide to become roving monster-killers, hiring out their services to any settlement with troublesome creatures to exterminate. Some might become bandits, robbing other players. Some might become expert miners or smiths, harvesting resources and producing highly valuable gear other players can use. Whatever story you want to tell with your character, you'll be able to tell it. That's the philosophy of a sandbox game.

The team also gave a few examples of non-combat activities that will be available in Pathfinder. A few of which include gathering and harvesting components, crafting, trade face-to-face or on the market, scout and spy on organizations, build and manage settlements, and engage in inter-organization diplomacy. Other content may be added as development continues.

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Source: Pathfinder Online Q&A

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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