Over and Under

Instances and large overland zones are par for the course in any MMO these days. What will Gods and Heroes do differently if anything? RadarX takes a look at what the trend is, and does some guessing about the future.

Anyone who has played an MMO for more than a few minutes probably understands the concept of zones. The earliest usage of the “zone” term came from EverQuest 1(yes I know UO had them to) and spawned other terms like “zone line,” “zone wall,” and “zoning.” A zone was a way to manage content reasonably and allow new areas to be added with ease. As time progressed, the idea of zones began to annoy people. Depending on your connection it slowed travel considerably; it made areas feel like they had choke points, and it broke immersion. Enter the instance.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016