Gods & Heroes "Hero Camp" Preview Video

This was no ordinary summer camp! Ten Ton Hammer went to the Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising "Hero Camp" event in sunny San Franciscolast week, and came away with some great footage depicting charactercreation, the minion interface, and last but not least, an endgame instance walkthrough hosted by none other than design director Stieg Hedlund!

"These user interface improvements, plus a quick look at the beauty of character creation in Gods & Heroes, are the warm-ups for the focal point of the "Hero Camp" event - a first look at an "elder
game" level cap (level 40) 5-man instance- Horror Terrestris- with Stieg Hedlund! We ran a portion of the instance afterward, and I fell in combat next to my groupmates battling Chalchon, Telchine goddess of nightmares. Yes indeed, Chalchon took me away!"

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016