One of the biggest reasons people wanted GTA 5 on PC was not to actually play the game as it is, but to experience a whole new game via community made mods. If you’re not familiar with the world of mods, quite simply they are modifications to the game that change it’s look, gameplay, objectives made by sources outside of the game’s development studio.

Not long after the game’s release on PC the community has already whipped into a modding frenzy and created mods that ranged from simple utilities (enhancing certain lighting in the game) to the hilariously over the top (giving your character super strength). Then there are the mods that make you wonder what possessed their creators to make them, but still don’t seem out of place in the already outlandish world of GTA. Here are our top picks for ridiculous GTA V mods this month.

Whale Drop

One of the most popular mods so far is part of the GTA 5 trailer Script Hook. Using the tool players can drop whales straight into the lives of GTA V’s citizens. The results can be hilarious and confusing, but that’s par for the course in GTA.

Here’s a video from Youtuber Merfish documenting some of his more “successful” uses of the whale drop.

Become a Cat

The internet’s obsession with cats doesn’t stop at grumpy or cute, now you can take it a whole step further by becoming the cat. This orange haired tabby is no house cat though as depicted in this video by Taltigot, he has a particular dislike for the local law enforcement. And while the animations aren’t the cleanest we’ve ever seen, there’s just something about a cat lobbing a Molotov cocktail that keeps you coming back.

Ragdoll on Demand

For a very simple mod it sure opens up a world of hilarious possibilities. The mod does exactly what it sounds like; with the press of a button you can enable the games ragdoll physics making any affected characters crumple to the ground in a heap. The best part is that the mod works during the games cut scenes making for some extremely funny situations during the single player campaign as you can in this video by Tyrannicon.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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