Grand Theft Auto V has to be considered among the best games of all time, not just for its gameplay but also for its exceptional longevity. Despite being released in 2013, the game still attracts thousands of players to its online mode every day. Indeed, around 33.8 million people have logged onto the multiplayer environment at some point. Rockstar Games has kept these playing figures high by constantly updating, and adding new places for players to visit. Some of these places are secretive and require a bit of insider information and know-how in order to get in. Here we take a look at how to access some of the hidden areas in the console classic.

The Casino in Vinewood Hills

On the original GTA V release, there was no option to gamble or play casino games anywhere on the map. However, since the release of the online mode, the casino in Vinewood Hills near the racetrack has had a sign on the front saying, “Opening Soon”. This led gamers to speculate that the option to play gambling games would soon be a part of the online mode.

This sort of crossover would be appropriate in the current climate, with online casinos being one of the most-played offshoots of the gaming industry. Console games like GTA V could attract more players by offering casino mini-games within the main title. This works in the opposite way as well, with sites like Ninja Casino trying to recreate console experiences with fully featured triple-A-style games such as Book of the Dead and Jackpot Raiders, which owe a lot to some of console gaming's most popular franchises.

The gambling house in Los Santos is still not officially open, but some sneaky players have discovered that there is a way to get inside. There is a wall breach glitch in the foyer, and if players stand on their cars and shoot at the windows, they are able to get transported inside. However, there is still no way to play casino classics like roulette and blackjack at present.

There remains no way for players to play the best payout slots in the city of Los Santos either. However, with stock trading already a feature in GTA V online, there is still a chance that Rockstar will create an in-game casino for players to utilize.

The Humane Labs in Blaine County

Credit: Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)

The Humane Labs have featured in a few missions in both the main GTA V story and the online mode. In the single-player adventure, if the player chooses the smart approach to the Jewel Store Job then they will be required to steal some knockout gas from the labs to use in the mission. The location is used again later on when Michael steals a chemical weapon in the mission, Monkey Business. In the online version, players venture to the Humane Labs in Chemical Extraction and the Humane Labs Raid. Although it has been used on a number of occasions, it is still a little tricky to access outside of these missions.

To get into the Humane Labs, players need to get to the Chianski Passage in the San Chianski Mountain Range, Blaine County. Once at the labs, players must approach the front entrance, accept a job invite from the character’s phone, and then back out of the job menu that displays. This will lead to the player spawning inside the labs. From that point, players will be free to explore all the secret areas of the research facility.

The Secret Cave Bunker in the Pacific Islands

The secret underground bunker is much harder to find than the other places mentioned in this list thus far. But that just makes it all the more rewarding when you do manage to find it. This secret base, which is full of mercenaries and FBI agents, is located among the small islands in the Pacific Ocean, so players need to hijack some kind of boat or other vessel in order to get there.

Head out into the stretch of small islands and look for a small patch of land with two trees standing side by side. Walk to the base of the trees and your character will be instantly transported into the secret bunker. Hide your guns and weapons to avoid a firefight with the numerous agents within, and you can explore freely. There are various vehicles on display and discreet conversations happening. Earwigging here can provide some cool Easter eggs. However, apart from being a unique spot to discover, there isn’t much else to do here. That’s unless you feel like going on a suicide mission and taking as many mercenaries out as possible along the way.

The Forest Zombie Base Near Sandy Shores

Credit: Pixabay (Public Domain)

One of the great things about the online mode in GTA V is the fact that players are able to install their own mods and upgrades to both the characters and environment. A great example of fan-based innovation is the forest zombie base, which was created so that players could have a Walking Dead experience in the heart of San Andreas. The spot in question can be found near the Sandy Shores airport, and the best way to get there would be via plane or helicopter.

With a bit of exploration, players will encounter a large open space resembling a survivors’ camp. The whole area is barricaded by red and white walls. Simply climb over these barriers and you will then be free to explore inside. There are scattered units of military personnel, along with small clusters of survivors living in tents.

In the sprawling open world of GTA V, there are endless secret places to find, and even dedicated players often find themselves stumbling on something new. Some other cool spots to watch out for are the hidden mine in the mountains, the Los Santos Airport bunker, and the large hotel swimming pool. There is even a taco van to be found to the north of Sandy Shores, which is a great vehicle to embark on some high-speed chases in. With the release of GTA VI still shrouded in secrecy, GTA V, and its online counterpart, should have enough to keep players going until the next instalment of the franchise hits consoles.  

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Last Updated: Jun 05, 2019