Top 6 Video Games With Casino Mini-Games

The gaming industry has recorded a lot of changes in the past years. Aside from implementing mobiles, they have now incorporated online casino games into their catalogues. This comes as no surprise because the best video games are created with the player’s interest at heart, and what better to keep them glued to the screen than playing these games.

One of the ways by which this inclusion was successful was through mini-games. We must have all played an interesting video game with a mini-game because it’s swiftly becoming a trend, but imagine a game where playing casino games was included; how entertaining would that be? It’s even better because so many gambling sites like the online casino ohne einzahlung now feature games like this, and you can play with little or no deposit while standing the chance to win real money.

We have taken the time to compile six of the leading casino video games where you can enjoy casino minigames for as long as you play. Let’s check them out:

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

When we speak of video games with casino inclusions, the list would be incomplete without mentioning this particular one. San Andreas has been a favourite since its release in 2014 and has remained so up until this moment. The GTA game series is packed with amazing action and an entertaining storyline, so naturally, players are interested. However, when the plot was expanded, and a casino was added as a mini-game, it became the biggest gambling game in the industry.

By spending money in casinos, you increase your skills, and there are a lot of card and table games that you can play. There is blackjack where you play with the dealer and hope to win without going over 21. They also feature the popular roulette game where you place bets on a table depending on the number pockets or colour of your choice.

Mostly, these minigames apply the same general rule as it is played normally, and players would have no problem navigating and understanding it.

Red Dead Redemption: Poker

It doesn’t matter what version of this game you play; you will find some of the most amazing casino games here. One notable mention is how amazing and realistic these game features usually are. They offer realistic gameplay that makes you feel you are in a real-life casino, and since the rules are not changed, you can apply your real life to help you win.

Card games like blackjack are available to help you win real money. There’s also the chance of playing video poker where you have to use your five cards optimally to ensure you have the upper hand.

If you’re looking for the best version with the most minigames, then check out Red Dead Redemption 2. You can play:

  • Horseshoes
  • Liars dice
  • Five finger fillet
  • Arm wrestling

Fallout New Vegas: Casino Vegas

This should also make it to the top of the video games list due to the aesthetics and flair that is the main feature of the mini-games. The main theme takes place in the post-apocalyptic ruins of Las Vegas, and as a player, you get to explore all the major strips in the city.

Everything looks real in the games, and each quest takes you deeper into the storyline. As a player, your job is to deliver an important message and save the city. Along the way, you will need to make some money to survive, and this is where these casino mini-games come in.

You will encounter low deposit casinos where you can win little cash with the smallest amount of money. There are also smartphone-slots where you can invest cash to win huge amounts of money to sustain your gameplay and keep yourself alive.

The Sims 3: Simoleon Casino

The industry developed real-life virtual simulators to keep younger audiences interested in video games. In this SIMS game, you can create your own real-life virtual SIM, help them navigate through life and succeed—or fail. To give yourself a better advantage, there are certain add-ons that you can purchase through the game store.

One of these purchases includes the Simoleon casino. When you purchase this, you can play blackjack, roulette, slots, poker, and every other game. You can make your sim into a gambler and give them total reins to enjoy as much as they can. To elevate your gameplay, you can create your casino from scratch. With this, you can choose the building’s physical structure, your preferred slot machines, jackpots, table games, and every other feature you decide to add.

Dead Rising 2:  Strip Poker

As the leading character in this video action, you would find yourself as a motocross rider on his way to Fortune City to save a little girl. You will meet some challenges across the way, but your chances are pretty high with the ability to customize and purchase weapons.

To make gameplay more interesting, there are a few distractions across the way to help you make more money. Players can access some mini-games from a safe house, amongst which is strip poker.

Watch Dogs: Poker

This game features many aspects of action, thriller, and adventure. You will encounter real-life cities that have been fictionalized to fit the gameplay. As the main character, you will find yourself involved with some criminal masterminds. Your goal would be to fight corrupt bosses, companies, and leaders.

As distractions, you will find mini-games with casino add ons like poker, roulette, etc. The poker table is very detailed, and you’ll find yourself fully immersed in your quest to make money and beat the competition. Aside from these, you can also find other games like chess and drinking games.


This list shows the top 5 games you can try your hands on to enjoy virtual rounds of casino fun and aesthetics. However, keep in mind that while these mini-games offer virtual relief, you can only make virtual cash from gameplay. To make real money, you would have to try your hands at real online casinos. Meanwhile, you can enjoy these games while you can.

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Last Updated: Feb 07, 2022