Fallout is a game franchise that popularized post-apocalyptic games. It gave gamers a glimpse of how life would look like after the explosion of an atomic bomb. The only people that survived the explosion were the ones safely “stored away” in vaults. The ones brave enough left the vaults and created settlements of their own. As the title suggests, one of the expansions of Fallout is New Vegas, a remake of Las Vegas. The place was created to tell a new story told through the eyes of the Courier (you) who is sent to deliver a package, but is ambushed, robbed and left for dead in the Mojave Desert.

What makes New Vegas similar to Las Vegas is the casinos. The casinos of News Vegas let you play classic casino games like poker, roulette, blackjack, and free online slotsonline pokies and earn bottle caps to spend on enhanced gear and equipment. Like real-life online casinos, the casinos in the game give you special bonuses in the form of drinks, gear, chips, and food. This article explores the casinos of New Vegas and the bonuses they have to offer.

Atomic Wrangler   

The Atomic Wrangler is the only active casino in Freeside and also serves as a source of drugs, flophouse, and a brothel. This three-story casino limits your maximum winnings to 5000 chips. If you earn a beer that means you’ve gotten the small reward. If you win some more you get whiskey or a dapper gambling hat and if you hit the huge reward you can get a dapper gambling suit, Rum, and Nuka Cola or Absinthe.


Gomorrah is a part of the New Vegas Strip and this casino is mostly a place for prostitution and drugs. The rewards this casino offers include Brahmin steak, Jet, wine and reinforced combat armor. The limit of earnings is 9000 chips.

Sierra Madre Casino

Sierra Madre Casino is part of the Sierra Madre Hotel and it lets the player earn 10 000 chips. The small reward is a drink, either whiskey or scotch, the big reward is a pre-war park stroller outfit and hat, and the huge reward is a complimentary voucher that can be redeemed for 1000 Sierra Madre Chips.


This casino is the only one in the game that lets the player win 15 000 chips. It’s also a part of the New Vegas strip. If you make it to the high reward you will earn a key to a Bon Vivant suite. If not you can console yourself with whiskey as a small reward or with a Brahmin Wellington big reward.

Vikki and Vance Casino

This Primm casino allows the player to win only 2500 chips. The small reward is 20 chips, the huge reward is a reinforced leather armor and the big reward is a Stealth Boy. The Stealth Boy is far more practical than the other two awards since it can be used to make the player harder to notice.

The Tops

The Tops is the final casino in New Vegas that’s also a part of the town’s strip. With a 10 000 chips limit, a vodka, wine, Brahmin steak and a High Roller suite key available as rewards, it’s worth a visit.  

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Last Updated: Jun 12, 2023