Halo CE to Halo 3, the Golden Age of Halo Games 

The Halo franchise has long been a pillar of first-person shooter games, with the galactical battle between humanity and the Alien Covenant redefining the rules of X-Box gaming. Since its first release 20-plus years ago, the Halo universe has evolved with millions endeared to the story of the super-soldier Master Chief. 

While die-hard (and older) Halo fans might have gotten a chance to play the first three titles of the series, younger and newer fans might not have had the privilege of aptly comparing these three to later titles. 

We’re about to delve into a quick history of Halo: Combat Evolved to Halo 3 and see why fans loved these first three titles of the franchise so much. 

Fasten your seatbelts!

Combat Evolved, a Franchise Legend 

Halo: Combat Evolved left a permanent mark on the gaming industry, pioneering the first-person shooter (FPS) genre with its revolutionary gameplay. And who could forget that iconic soundtrack which played dynamically based on the player’s actions?

Released in 2001, Halo CE was a revolution in the gaming industry. Other gaming titles like Call of Duty would go on to borrow a leaf from its groundbreaking gameplay and FPS elements. At the time, players could only keep two weapons on them, unlike FPS titles that typically provide an array of weaponry. This was great as the player had to strategize for battle at length.

On the Xbox console, the right analog stick would prove a faithful companion for gamers exploring the Halo universe. You could now change your viewing orientation quickly and take flawless aims with weaponry. With the introduction of real military combat elements like the Warthog, vehicular combat in gaming was revolutionized. 

Even with single-player mode alone, this game still carried it. The fluidity of character movement, revolutionary graphics, a balanced weapon sandbox, and the thrill of vehicular warfare all combined to make Halo: CE easily the most iconic title of the franchise. 

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Halo 2, Repping Evolution and Complexity

Released in November 2004, Halo 2 took the foundation laid by Halo: CE and enriched the gameplay experience. Bungie Studios got nearly everything right with this big-budget production. 

Dual-wielding of weapons was introduced, thus expanding tactical possibilities in combat. Graphically, Halo 2 was a quantum leap forward and showed the full power of the original Xbox. In this sequel, the storyline delved deeper into the intricacies of the Covenant, and players were even offered a glimpse of what the covenant looked like through the enigmatic Arbiter. While Bungie chose to keep the gameplay linear, the level design was still quite confident. 

As the game draws to a conclusion, we see Master Chief returning to earth and the screen drawing out into blackness. This was definitely one of the most breath-baiting moments in the franchise’s history. With that, Halo 2 easily remains one of the best-acted titles in the franchise, with memorable lines all through.

Halo 3, the Grand Culmination

September 2007, Halo 3’s release date, represents one of the most anticipated moments in franchise and gaming history overall. This was the epic conclusion to the trilogy, with refined gameplay, exhilarating graphics, and a new level of multiplayer experience. The equipment was on a whole new level. 

Driving the epic storyline were the missions, some of the best in the entire franchise. Sierra 117 took players through the jungles of Kenya, Africa. Floodgate was a brute force mission, with players constantly on the edge of their seats fighting hordes of Flood. 

Cortana felt like a real-life mission and one that gave Master Chief a real sense of duty as he struggled to rescue Cortana from the clutches of the grave mind. Halo, the eponymous mission was certainly an epic conclusion to a three-part saga. 

Beyond Halo 3, the Demise of the Franchise

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After the first three titles, Halo had seemingly reached its peak in terms of audience measure. However, the post-2007 period saw Bungie Studios running in exit mode and about to hand over the development of Halo to 343 Industries. Critics saw this move as the beginning of Halo’s demise, although the game would run well into 2021.

Halo: Reach - Bungie’s last effort, introduced various changes to the established formula. The inclusion of Spartan armor abilities altered the core gameplay dynamics, introducing new elements like jetpacks and armor locks that some argued disrupted what fans loved about Halo - guns, grenades, and fists.

With Halo 4 developed by 343 Industries, the franchise saw its first mainline entry after Bungie's departure. New enemy types such as the Prometheans, the game's linear level design, and Call of Duty-inspired gameplay elements, such as sprinting, raised concerns that Halo 4 was straying too far from its roots. 

Halo 5: Guardians was even more divisive, portraying a Master Chief gone rogue. It introduced four-player cooperative action but struggled with pacing issues and map design choices. Some fans found the large, crowded maps and frenetic combat more reminiscent of other shooters, leading to concerns that Halo was losing its distinctive identity. 

Halo: Infinite was an attempt to return the game to its roots, with classic gameplay elements that defined the original trilogy. With the introduction of a free-to-play multiplayer mode and multiple maps, developer 343 Studios tried to adopt a gameplay similar to Fortnite. While this introduced a broader player base to the Halo universe, cult fans felt isolated from the traditional Halo gameplay. 

CE to Halo 3, the Golden Age of Halo

If you haven’t played these original titles, then the opinion might not matter much. However, the enduring appeal of Halo: Combat Evolved to Halo 3 lies in their innovative gameplay, captivating narratives, and iconic characters. For their era, these games set the standard for the first-person shooter genre, combining seamless movement, balanced weapon systems, and excellent graphics and gameplay. 

The Master Chief's journey, accompanied by the futuristic Cortana, is a cherished memory for many die-hard fans. Most importantly, these three titles remained true to the spirit of the original Halo.  Master Chief’s epic, brute-force fight to save humanity from the Alien Covenant was something everyone looked forward to.

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Last Updated: Oct 16, 2023