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those of us who have been playing the Lord of the Rings Online for a while
now, F2P has been something of an amusing spectacle. Take your level 65
to West Bree if you need an example of this. Regional channels are
flooded with colorful language, and dynamic layers mean you are either
elbowing your way through teeming hordes of lowbies or sauntering
through a ghost town as though the game were being directed by Sergio
Leone. Everyone and their dog is running GB, auction house prices are
even more ludicrously-inflated, and nobody can seem to find tin
anywhere. But what is it like for these new players taking their first
steps into a well-established world and experiencing it all for the
first time? There's no better teacher than hands-on experience, so in
the interests of research, I made a free-to-play account, joined one of
the brand-new servers and rolled a new toon.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016