Each week, we'll be bringing you the top performing decks from the most recent top level Hearthstone tournaments. This week, we'll be looking at the Dreamhack Summer 2015 Hearthstone Championship. Chinese player Wang "TiddlerCelestial" Xieyu emerged victorious, taking down David "Dog" Caero in a very close finals that went the full 5 games. TiddlerCelestial is one of the highest earning Hearthstone players overall, but until now, had lacked a major tournament win. The wait is over, as he was able to claim victory, and the $12,500 first place prize (along with 100 HWC points.) While we don't have access to all of the deck lists just yet, we do know what archetypes were being played, which gives us a good idea about the current competitive landscape. Looking at all of the decks that made it to the top 8, here are some of the most popular/best performing deck archetypes from this past weekend. If you want to know what the strongest deck types are right now, look no further!


1) Malylock

This is the first time that Malylock made our list, and it debuts at #1! Making multiple appearances in the top 8, it's a sort of Dragon Warlock build, with focus on Malygos to pump up the already strong power of cards like Mortal CoilDarkbomb, and Hellfire, among others. Blackwing Technician and Blackwing Corruptor will take advantage of the Dragons in the deck, which consist of Twilight Drake and Azure Drake. With so much direct damage, even keeping one Azure Drake on the field for a couple turns can be extremely painful. If Malygos manages to stay out for a turn or two...the game is probably over. With two appearances in the top 4, this might just be the new deck you need to look out for at the higher end of the ladder. It can be extremely potent, and has now proven its mettle on the competitive stage. Here's a deck list from the tournament's runner-up, Dog:


2) Mid-Range Druid

Mid-Range Druid was #3 on our list last week, and has moved up to #2 following its strong performance at Dreamhack. This deck looks to take advantage of the Druid's ability to accelerate to the mid game with the likes of Innervate and Wild GrowthSwipe and Wrath can both be excellent board control cards, while later game Legendaries such as Dr. Boom, Sylvanas Windrunner, and Emperor Thaurissan can take advantage of your accelerated game state to really swing the tempo. This means the deck is capable of overwhelming the opponent with sheer power earlier than most decks would be able to pull off such a feat. When combined with the always deadly Force of Nature/Savage Roar combo, the ramp Druid has a lot of different ways of beating you. Here's an idea of what the decklist can look like, courtesy of the champion from last week's ESL Legendary Series Season 2 finals, PHONETAP:


3) Mid-Range Hunter

We highlighted Mid-Range Hunter last week, and while it dropped slightly on the list, it's clear that pro players are still valuing the mid game consistency and larger power spike over the early game pressure that face (or even hybrid) offers. This allows them to play more mid-late game cards such as Savannah HighmaneStranglethorn Tiger, and even Dr. Boom, while also being able to comfortably include something like Houndmaster, which was previously considered too slow for the early-game focused decks. If your average player simply copies what the pros are doing, it's possible the amount of Face Hunter on the ladder could drop significantly, and that would likely be a welcome change for most of the player base. Here's a great sample decklist, once again taken directly from PHONETAP:



That wraps things up for this week, but we want to know your thoughts. What decks have you been having the most success with? What archetype is most likely to become the new flavor of the month? Tell us in the comments below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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