Most Popular Hearthstone Heroes in 2021



Lists of the most popular Hearthstone heroes change from time to time and according to various factors. Click here for the current list.


Most Popular Hearthstone Heroes in 2021: What Players Prefer


When it comes to the most popular Hearthstone heroes, Battlegrounds is a new game mode that's taken the gaming world by storm. It completely transforms the way you play and takes inspiration from the popular Auto Battler game translated into Hearthstone. Although it doesn't feel like "Auto Chess" games, it plays like Hearthstone.


The current pool of Heroes numbers 78 but can change from time to time with new Heroes being added and modified, and old Heroes being removed or balanced. The changes do not affect the Tavern minions, but each Hero has a unique Hero Power. Powers are special abilities players can use in the Tavern between combat phases. Every Hero has a Battlegrounds Buddy that they can access by dealing damage, popping Divine Shields during combat, and winning or tying combat phases.


Some Heroes are stronger early on, while others have robust late-game scaling. You can customize your strategy to suit the Hero you have chosen. Sometimes, however, it is better to ignore your Hero Power and use strong minions offered to you. Use your Hero Power when you can but be open to choosing a different route if you don't have access to minions that provide synergy with your Hero Power.


The Most Popular Hearthstone Heroes


The following Heroes are powerful. You should aim to win the lobby together with them, and you should be in the top four most of the time.


  • Malygos
  • Queen Wartoggle
  • Deathwing
  • King Mukla



Malygos is one of the most popular Hearthstone heroes for a reason. He gives you the ability to reroll up to two minions every turn for free. This feature is handy in the later game when there are fewer high-tier minions, which means you will be more likely to find a particular minion. In other words, it does have its advantages.


For example, you can search for a token generator in turn one. Once you reach Tavern Tier 2, you can reroll any tier two minion to seek an improvement. You can also refresh tier-three minions to search for a Deflecto-Bot. Tier four minions can look for a Cave Hydra. Tier fives can seek out Mama Bear and Baron Rivendare. There is a higher chance of finding what you need at no additional cost throughout the game.


You can, for example, try to make a Battlecry minion you have just played more powerful once it is on the table (Menagerie Mug or Menagerie Jug are excellent targets in this scenario).


When looking at the most popular Hearthstone heroes, Nexus Lord is Malygos's Buddy. Your Hero Power replaces Nexus Lord's minion with one Tavern Tier greater. You can turn a tier-4 minion into a tier-5 one, then roll it into a tier-6 minion in one turn. To keep your Tavern rolling for higher-tier minions, you can freeze it.


You will usually stay at Tavern tier 1 for a few turns as Malygos. Then you can roll for pairs and get ready for triples. You can then upgrade your Tavern quickly on turns three, four, and six, or four, five, and six. Then, you will reach Tavern Tier four with plenty of time to get the most out of your Buddy.


Queen Wagtoggle


Queen Wagtoggle has a Hero Power that gives +1/+1 to each friendly minion type. It's almost like playing with a Lightfang Enforcer. You want to create a menagerie board using multiple minion types. Then, you can use her Hero Power practically every turn to buff them. You don't have to use a specific minion type, like Lord Jaraxxus being tied to Demons. This feature results in more flexibility when building your composition and allows you to increase their stat totals over time.


When looking at the most popular Hearthstone heroes, Elder Taggawag is Queen Wagtoggle's Buddy. Elder Taggawag activates your Hero Power whenever you play a minion from a type you don't control. Elementals are the best tribe to cycle with Elder Taggawag: you can keep no Elementals but continue buying and selling them to trigger Hero Power.


You want to be on Tavern Tier one at the beginning of the game. The reason is that you can quickly build up a list of tribes and then use your Hero Power each turn to buff them. This approach will give you an advantage in tempo and your Buddy's access. You can't upgrade your Tavern in many games. However, if you have the right tribes, Pupbots (Mechs), Impulsive Tricksters (Demons), and cycling Sellementalss (Elementals), you can create a large board and win with tier-one minions.




Deathwing is a destructive force that causes havoc and destruction wherever it goes. Your opponent's minions will also benefit from its passive Hero Power, which gives them a +2 Attack. To win with Deathwing, you must have more bodies than your opponent. Thanks to any Divine Shield minions and Deathrattle minions who summon tokens, this feat is possible. Just make sure there are plenty of bodies.


Deathwing is especially good with Divine Shield Mechs late in the game when it comes to the most popular Hearthstone heroes. This strategy is the best choice, as the attack buff applies to both armies. It is also rare to see a Hero you can build against. The Hero Power is not always available to Deathwing players, so they will always be able to create an army that uses it.


Lady Sinestra is Deathwing's Buddy. She grants your minions +3 Attack when she is on the board. This amount grows to +6 Attack by the Golden version. Although the normal Lady Sinestra gives a helpful mid-game boost, it is no longer helpful once you have the Golden version. If you keep the regular version around long enough, you can still use the Discover effect. However, it is best to sell the Golden version immediately after.


King Mukla


King Mukla is one of the most popular Hearthstone heroes because he can give buffs to his minions, and you can also donate buffs for all your opponents. You can get two Bananas (zero cost cards that provide a +1/+1 boost to a minion) and one Banana for your opponent. Your Bananas are available immediately, while your opponents cannot use them until the next turn. Consequently, you have a tempo advantage, allowing you to obtain a Big Banana, which offers a minion a +2/+2 buff instead of a regular card.


To get your buffs rolling, you should use your Hero Power as soon as possible. You can delay your first Tavern upgrade until turn four. This strategy worked well for King Mukla before Battlegrounds Buddies and is perfect for the fast Buddies meta.


Crazy Monkey is King Mukla's Buddy. He will be on the board while you cast Bananas, and each Banana gives Crazy Monkey an additional +1/+1. Additionally, each Banana you cast to a Golden Crazy Monkey gives an additional +2/+2. The Crazy Monkey can give Mukla some extra power in the middle game but cannot match the ability of other Buddies in the late game.


Although Mukla will not win a lobby, you can often reach the top if you maximize your early tempo. Consequently, King Mukla is one of the most popular Hearthstone heroes among new and seasoned players. Countless Hearthstone players prefer this Hero to others, including the legendary Forsen. Additionally, Forsen was noted as one of the best Miracle Rogues in Hearthstone, which inspired countless players to choose heroes like him.

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Last Updated: Mar 02, 2022