Each week, we'll be bringing you the top performing decks from the most recent top level Hearthstone tournaments. This week, we'll be looking at the Gfinity Summer Masters II, as well as a slight twist on an old favorite deck. Pros have now had a bit of time to adapt to the new cards and strategies that came with The Grand Tournament, so we're seeing a bit of a shake-up in the metagame. With that said, it's still far from being completely established, so expect things to still change a bit in the coming weeks and months. If you want to know what the strongest deck types are right now, look no further!


1) Secret Paladin

After coming in at #2 last week, Uther has made it to top of this list for the very first time. Mysterious Challenger has helped usher in a brand new deck for Paladin players, and it's quickly taken both the ladder and tournament scene by storm. With the new 6-drop able to create a "hat" of secrets the opponent has to play around, previously ignored cards like Noble Sacrifice and Avenge suddenly are starting to see play, while the new Secret Competitive Spirit makes for a solid addition to the deck. There are several different variants of the deck, but one of the most successful has been the aggro version. This uses Secretkeeper to make up for drawing a lot of secrets, while also running aggro Paladin staples such as Divine Favor to refill the hand. This aggro version was played with success by champion Hoej, and here is the list he was using:


2) Patron Warrior

Believe it or not, Patron Warrior has been dethroned from the #1 spot! Of course, that doesn't mean the deck isn't still strong, because it most certainly is. Nothing really happened with TGT to change that, though it has forced players to re-think their deck lists a little bit. Make no mistake about it; despite its immense popularity, Patron Warrior is not simple to play. Particularly in a tournament environment against skilled opponents, the player definitely needs to be on top of their game. When they are, Grim PatronWarsong Commander and Frothing Berserker become some of the scariest cards in the game. This is a true combo deck, yet boasts a fair amount of removal with cards like WhirlwindCruel TaskmasterExecute, and the weapons able to remove threats (with some of those doubling as activators for the Patron and Berserker as well.) In this version from Neirea, we see one of the new tech cards come into play, as Shield Slam is now being used along with Shield Block to help keep the board clear of threats before setting up for the combo:


3) Mid-Range Hunter

With the rise of Secret Paladin, players have been looking for ways to counter that deck. Rexxar has seemed up to the task, in part thanks to his ability to remove all Secrets in play at once with a simple Flare. In addition, Mid-Range Hunter still packs a lot of threats in the early and mid game, as Mad Scientist helps keep things smooth in the early going, while Loatheb, Savannah Highmane, and Dr. Boom will do most of the heavy lifting later on. Thanks to the Hunter hero power, once board control has been established, it can be a stressful race against the clock for the opponent as they watch their life get whittled away. Several high level players have found success with this archetype on the ladder, and Hoej also used it in his successful tournament run. We'll go back to him for a deck list:



That wraps things up for this week, but we want to know your thoughts. What decks have you been having the most success with? What archetype is most likely to become the new flavor of the month? Tell us in the comments below!


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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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