Well, after weeks of touring and some surprising wins and losses, Hearthstone's first Masters Tour has come to a close. The Masters Tour has taken us everywhere from Bucharest, Romania to Las Vegas, Nevada and everywhere in-between. With the dust finally settled, it's time to look at some of the surprising wins and see who ultimately came out on top.

What is The Masters Tour?

The Masters Tour is a new tournament for Hearthstone. As the game's popularity grows, Blizzard wants to make the game a more legitimate form of entertainment as well as a better revenue stream for its players. Hence, the Master's Tour, a yearly contest to pit the best players against one another to see who rises to the top. 

Anyone can compete in the Masters Tour, if they meet any of a number of qualifications. According to Blizzard's official site, players must do at least one of the following:

  • Compete in and win a Masters Qualifier
  • Place in the top 4 of ranked ladder
  • Receive an invitation from a 3rd party licensed tournament
  • Finish as a top performer in a previous Masters Tour
  • Qualify through the China Gold Series
  • Receive at least 120 competitive points from Year of the Raven

Completing any one of those is a challenge in and of itself. Akin to playing Texas hold'em poker online, Heartstone takes a lot of skill and finesse to play. You can learn how to play Texas hold'em and other card games at Global Poker, as well as play card games for free. You can also get plenty of practice in with Hearthstone at no cost because the game is free-to-play. 

The Masters Tour First Champion

So who actually won the first Masters Tour? Well, it was a long trek to get there, but the first championship ultimately goes to David "dog" Caero after a 3-1 match with Edward "Gallon" Goodwin. 

Dog, up until this point, always had a bit of a losing streak. He would consistently come in second place, but now it seems as though that curse has been broken.

Dog actually beat several of the favorites for the championship, including Chen "tom60229" Wei Lin, who won the Hearthstone Championship Tour World Championship just last year.

Dog was obviously pretty excited about the win. From Blizzard's blog, Dog says "It's crazy! I came in expecting to flop out. You never expect to win these things. I've never won anything, so this is cool! It feels awesome." 

Despite his second-place streak, Dog still does very well for an esports gamer. He's competed in several tournaments and earned over $200k in his career. Half of that, of course, comes from taking home the $100,000 grand prize for the Master's Tour. Hopefully, we will see him win many more tournaments to come. 

What's Next?

With the first Master's Tour done, we can all look forward to Grandmaster's return, and we can only imagine what the results will be from there. You can watch the tournaments on Twitch or directly on Blizzard's website. 

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Last Updated: Jul 02, 2019

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