Boomjack’s Hero Power Ranking!

An updated Tier List is available here.  [Updated March 6th, 2015]

If you long for the good old days, or just want to see where Heroes used to rank, then continue on!

Which heroes in Heroes of the Storm have the most impact on a game you ask? 

Which heroes always seem to be on the winning side of the table?

I have created Six Tiers rather than using the four from the previous ranking.  This gives some extra granularity to the breakdown.   All Tier Four heroes were not equal for instance.  This gives a much better overview of where each hero stands. 

As of February 12th, 2015, I rank the Heroes as follows.   Your mileage may vary, consult your doctor, don’t feed after midnight.

**Remember, it’s the player’s skill, not the Hero choice that is most important.  This list assumes equal player skill level.

Tier 1

  • Assassin – Valla (remains the best assassin period.)
  • Assassin – Zeratul (invis + huge damage, but needs support.  Got buffed and now beloved by Pros)
  • Tank – Arthas (Hard to kill and can burst damage with the right talents)
  • Tank – Stitches (create 5v1s if you can master the Q)
  • Support – Tassadar (Harder to play than some supports, but capable)

Tier 2

  • Assassin – Kerrigan (properly talented can turn a game in capable hands)
  • Assassin – Tychus (nerfed, but still powerful)
  • Assassin – Illidan (Got a boost, but is it enough?)
  • Specialist – Nazeebo (all around good choice)
  • Specialist – Sgt. Hammer (Big jump, but will she stay this high?)
  • Support – Uther (big heals, equal to Brightwing now)
  • Support  – Brightwing (drop from last week due to changes)
  • Support - Tyrande (Might even be T1 now if paired with Stitches for hook + Hunter's Mark)
  • Tank – Muradin (excellent 2nd tank choice)
  • Tank – Tyrael (see Muradin – he won’t be your first choice, but he might be your second)

Tier 3 (Useful if you can't get the Hero that you want)

  • Assassin – Jaina
  • Assassin - Thrall
  • Assassin – Nova
  • Specialist - Zagara
  • Support – Malfurion

Tier 4 (Usefulness debateable - but playable in the right hands)

  • Assassin – Falstad
  • Assassin – Raynor
  • Support – Rehgar
  • Support - Lili
  • Tank – Chen

Tier 5 (You need to be very competent to choose these)

  • Assasin - Sonya
  • Specialist - Azmodan
  • Tank - Diablo
  • Tank – E.T.C.

Tier 6 (Avoid or face the wrath of your team)

  • Specialist – Abathur
  • Specialist – Gazlowe
  • Specialist - Murky
  • Tank - Anub’arak

What would you change? Why?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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