The introduction of high speed internet changed a lot of aspects of the world. With the ability to stream high quality video came the ability to stream high quality live video. While it was expected that improved internet speeds would increase the amount of online based games, it wasn’t expected that the ability to live stream high quality video would turn into the biggest development in video games since dual parallax scrolling. So, how has live streaming changed the gaming world by so much?

Gaming Itself

The first , and most closely linked to gaming itself, is the introduction of live games. In the past games like roulette at coral with video included needed it to be filmed beforehand. This lead to a less than seamless product where it was either slow to react or offered a less than satisfying experience. Generic phrases were used more often than not and this made any games that included video footage a substandard product.

The introduction of live streaming to the world of gaming means that games that include video footage can now use a live streaming bolt on. This increases the level of immersion to stratospheric levels. In the live casino world, for example, this has allowed for the creation of a number of different live table games like roulette or blackjack, all including live streamed dealers. Never before have online casino players experienced the level of immersion that is currently offered to them through the wonders of live streaming.

Games Streamers

One of the biggest changes to the gaming world is the manner in which gaming streamers have exploded onto the scene. Gamers are now able to stream their gaming exploits to the world at large with relative ease. This has lead to a number of gamers, especially those playing popular games like Fortnite or World of Warcraft becoming legitimate celebrities within the gaming community. Not only has fame come their way, but they have also managed to turn gaming into a full time job, with some even managing to earn fortunes never thought possible.

Some of the more famous live streaming players have directly influenced changes to the market as well. As their influence increases it has lead to various sponsors seeing the value of the gaming market. This has lead to both an increase in money for gamers and to companies that develop technology for live streaming. The success of live streaming has also lead to a new generation of young people trying to make their way in the market. For a lot of people now gaming isn’t just a hobby, it’s a genuine career choice.

The Future

The future of live streaming is very bright in terms of gaming. There are a number of game providers who are working on a hybrid of VR technology and live streaming to produce the next generation of games.

There are also moves towards actually streaming games to your console or PC rather than installing them. This will be the next step in high speed internet and cloud technology that will allow for much smaller systems to play much more powerful games.

All in all it’s safe to say that live streaming hasn’t finished revolutionising the games industry just yet

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Last Updated: Nov 12, 2018