How Rocket League’s Unique Game Modes Help to Make You a Better Player

Following its initial release back in February 2016 on PlayStation 4 and Steam, Rocket League has quickly become on the most popular games across many contemporary platforms. With its action-packed style and expertly developed in-game physics, it’s hardly surprising that the title has experienced such high levels of success. Furthermore, the game itself offers one element that many other existing titles don’t, and that’s providing numerous different game modes which, when played consistently, will improve various facets of your performance.

As a result, we’re going to consider why Rocket League’s unique game modes help to develop player performance levels.

Why Variation is Important in Modern-Day Gaming

Throughout the last few years, the gaming industry has sought to integrate further variation into their latest video game releases to retain user interest. However, in doing so, developers have each taken their own unique approaches to offering players diverse in-game experiences. For example, instead of releasing a new FIFA Street game, EA Sports instead developed Volta into FIFA 20, which provides users with more choice within the title than they’ve had in recent years. Moreover, Rockstar took a different route in Red Dead Redemption 2, as they focussed more on the side missions and hidden treasure quests to ensure variation within their open-world game.


One industry that has successfully been able to evolve to meet consumer demands is the iGaming sector. In addition to live variants of traditional table games such as blackjack and roulette being developed, the growth of the slot market illustrates the need for diverse choice within the modern era. William Hill’s online slots games cover a wide array of different genres ranging from Ancient Egyptian themes to treasure-hunting adventures within Cleopatra and The Goonies. Moreover, in-game, the integrated modifiers heighten the title’s replay value and enhance immersion levels.

Which Modes Have the Biggest Impact?


There can be no doubts that Rocket League is a difficult game to master, but Dropshot is the perfect mode for those seeking to practice their rocket flying in a competitive environment. The variant works by hitting the ball into the floor to create a hole, which then acts as a goal. While this may sound easy, because you have to hit the ball downwards as opposed to forwards, it makes for the ideal mode for those whose flying abilities are at a less-developed level.

Moreover, from a defensive standpoint, playing Dropshot is also extremely advantageous in regard to positioning. As you’ll never be able to hit every aerial ball, getting back into your own to half to deny your opponents doing damage is vital to winning matches. The game mode enables you to develop a better understanding of the ball’s physics, and thus you’ll gradually become adept at being able to defend looping shots during intense strategic action.

Snow Day

While some may feel that Snow Day hampers their progress because of the object item’s change of appearance, it can help with both attacking crosses and sharpening reaction speeds. Due to the shape of the puck, it often glides perfectly around the arena’s corners before flying across the face of goal, which isn’t always guaranteed with a regular football. For anyone seeking to better their conversion rate from crosses, Snow Day may help as you’re likely to get more opportunities to attack deliveries into the box.

Additionally, the puck bounces unpredictably, and thus it can be difficult to guess its path, especially when it’s falling from height and at pace. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as the object item’s erratic movement can, when practiced, elevate reaction levels, which may have a broader impact on other game modes.

In-Game Diversity Can Improve Players

Even though many players will prefer the conventional football-developed modes with the Psyonix title, it’s undeniable that the game’s diversity can significantly improve both new and long-standing gamers. Through playing Dropshot and Snow Day, you will likely become a more well-round player that’s capable of dealing with any in-game situation.

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Last Updated: Jan 30, 2020