How to bet CSGO skins: Guide

When it comes to the skins in the infamous Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, players seem to be so much excited about them. Although those items are only cosmetic, meaning that they offer no in-game advantages or perks, their value is immeasurable. Also, it is worthy of mentioning that CS: GO skins form the core of the entire game’s economy since almost all of the items can be purchased in Steam Community Market. Keeping that in mind, it isn’t a big of a surprise that once the economy is formed, which is grounded in the real money value, csgo bet skins options find themselves on the rise. If you’ve ever interested in csgo skin betting, you should read on to get acquainted with this niche, at the same time reviewing CS: GO skins as a whole.

            Most newcomers in this game are curious why those cosmetic items are valued that much. Since they are strictly cosmetic, it becomes unclear why so many gamers pay much attention to their presence (or absence). The quality of all skins in the game are usually reviewed according to a few crucial criteria, including:

  • Rarity
  • StatTrak
  • Condition
  • Souvenier
  • Stickers

            All of the aforementioned criteria stand out the most in the determination of price, uniqueness, and value of the skins. Since we have mentioned the prices of certain skins, it’s the right time to review the next parameter, which is Steam Community Market.

Steam Community Market

This marketplace is a unique feature of Steam, which offers players to either sell or purchase skins and other cosmetic in-game items. The prices are determined by the gamers, whereas Steam charges a tiny fee for using the services of the market. In such a regard, the costs for skins are determined by the players themselves, accompanied by the natural market-based pricing frameworks.

This moment should be interesting for gamblers who are willing to place bets with skins, which, technically, might be worth hundreds of dollars. If you’re one of those interested in such an opportunity, kindly read the following section.


In 2019, there are countless options of where to bet, even in terms of the websites that accept skins as the potential wagering currency. There, you would be asked to trade the skins with a unique bot of your preferred bookmaker in order to proceed with your bet to the exact match or tournament. Yet, you should remember that all of the winnings would be returned to your Steam account also in CS: GO cosmetic items. Once you make your mind on receiving the real value of those winnings, you are free to sell them on the Steam Community Market. Reviewing the betting system itself, we find it required for you to acknowledge that the prices are formed according to the current average pricing on the mentioned market pricing. So, it seems evident that betting CS: GO skins is not a myth but a reality in modern circumstances.

Final remark

With all that being said, gamers who are fond of CS: GO tournaments should definitely try betting skins in order to try this innovative feature. Regardless of your personal opinion regarding those cosmetic items, betting by using them is an outstanding chance for those willing to try something more different than just making an online transaction from a credit card.


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Last Updated: Oct 29, 2019