How to Farm Coalescing Visions Fast

Farm your Coalescing Visions quickly and easily to be able to enter Horrific Visions, allowing you to upgrade your legendary cloak and add sockets to your gear. Each Horrific Visions costs 10,000 Coalescing Visions to enter. Below you can find some of the best ways to find Coalescing Visions. 

Source of Coalescing Visions Amount of Coalescing Visions Availability
Major Invasion 10,000 Once per week
Minor Invasion 5,000 Twice per week
World Horrific Visions 1,000 Once per day
Invasion large cache (requires key dropped from mobs) 500 six per day (three per invasion)
Invasion dailies 50 six per day (three per invasion)
Invasion rares 10-50 Once per day (per rare)
Invasion small chests 10-50

As often as you can find them

Invasion mini objectives 10-50

As often as you can find them

Mobs inside world Horrific Visions 0-20

as many mobs as you can kill per world Horrific Visions


Doing the invasions will give you the majority of your Coalescing Visions, but if you really want to farm out as many as possible, doing the dailies every day, as well as just completing as many little objectives as you can find around the new invasions will give you an edge on upgrading your cloak and farming Corrupted Momentos for sockets.

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Last Updated: Jan 17, 2020

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