How To Get Chroma Cases In CSGO

With the introduction of the "Arms Deal" update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, dropping a nice case became the lifetime dream of millions of players worldwide.

Currently, several websites allow you to buy and open cases outside of the game, even granting bonuses like CSGO gambling sites free coins, promo codes, or even free cases.

In this article, you will have a realistic guide on how to get a Chrome Case in CS:GO.

How to Get a CSGO Chroma Case - The Basics

Launched in  2015, the Chroma Case only of community-designed skins for weapons and knives. This amazing CS:GO case gives users the chance to drop some of the most valuable knife finishes available in the game, including sleek designs like:

  • Damascus Steel
  • Doppler
  • Marble Fade
  • Tiger Tooth
  • Rust Coat
  • Ultraviolet

This rare case also gives CS:GO players the chance to drop exquisite weapons like the Galil AR Chatterbox, the AWP Man-o'-War, and the uniquely designed M4A4 龍王 (Dragon King).

In essence, there are three ways available for anyone to get a CS:GO Chroma Case in CS:GO - you can receive it as a random in-game drop (which still requires lucky players to buy a Chroma Key), buy a case from the game store, Steam market, or a third-party website, or trade with friends.

CSGO Drop System - In-Depth Review

One of the biggest reasons behind the massive popularity of CS:GO is the possibility to obtain valuable skins. These purely cosmetic items became highly sought-after once they attained a "virtual asset" status among the iGaming community.

While it is much easier to purchase CS:GO cases in the Steam market or even have fun gambling on CS:GO case opening sites, the original way to obtain a case of any type (including the Chroma variants) is through "drops" at the end of each match.

These drops typically consist of skins or cases. While it is possible to find online reports of players who claim to have received drops worth hundreds of dollars, this type of drop is an exception.

Not all drops are equal, as the prizes vary depending on the type of drop. Primarily, CS:GO players receive a drop every time they climb up a new level on the game's ranks system.

This type of drop is only available once a week. For example, if a player manages to climb two levels within the same week, only the first rank obtained will be rewarded with an equivalent drop.

Please note that this rule is applied to skin drops. CS:GO cases can only drop once or twice a week after matches. While case drops are all random, the system is not arbitrary, which means that only a specific set of skins and cases can be dropped within certain circumstances.

The "Active Drop Pool" is the mechanism responsible for selecting which skins and cases will be eligible for drops, as it works as a sort of AI-powered pool where Valve Corp. drops eligible items.

Are Chroma Cases Available as Any Other CSGO Cases?

CSGO cases will drop randomly at the end of matches in official CS:GO game modes such as Casual, Deathmatch, or Competitive. Occasionally, CS:GO players playing on community servers might also have a case drop.

The tier of the cases received as part of CS:GO drops depend on your account status. Depending on whether you are a Prime or Non-Prime player, the estimated drop chances for some types of cases are utterly limited.

All Chromas Cases are part of the "rare drops" list, which is a key factor that makes them highly valued. Currently, only Prime accounts can receive "Rare Cases," which gives them a low-but-existing chance to get a Chroma Case.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, obtaining a nice Chroma Case as part of an in-game drop is one of the rarest experiences for CS:GO players. The standard method used for most players is to buy the case directly on Steam, which costs around $1.30 or less.

Considered one of the game's most popular cases, the Chroma Case can be found on third-party CS:GO marketplaces within a price range between $0.78 to $1.42. If you feel lucky enough, a Chroma Case is worth every penny spend on it.

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Last Updated: Nov 20, 2022