Wall decorative items could be found in abundance online. However, not all of these would meet your requirements and fulfill your dream of making your home attractive and unique.  This is one of the reasons why you keep on searching for one special wall décor on the internet and still you fail to pick the one that is perfect for your home. One of the major reasons behind this is that you easily get wooed by the things that glitter like gold and forget the fact that everything which shines doesn’t have the potential to make your home shine too.

Nonetheless, there is one thing which can surpass all the shortcomings and can deliver you what you require and this wall décor is none other than Wallpics. It is a wall decorative item that stands out from the rest items as it is different and special. Scroll down to learn more about Wallpics and its qualities before making your mind to select it or discard it as your home décor.

Wallpics and its qualities

Wallpics is a new way of decorating your home walls. You do not have to take any extra effort with Wallpics like you need to take with any other wall decors, such as mirrors, wall paintings, photo frames, wall clocks, wooden bookshelf, etc. These are simple to place customized photo tile that you can use to decorate your home.

Unlike photo frame, these do not require to be hanged on the walls with the help of anything and you just need to stick it on the walls and let your friends, family, guests, and other visitors of your home know how you celebrate the memorable moments of your life with the help of Wallpics. There are many things that make the Wallpics special and let it stand out from the crowd of common wall decors and these are:

Wallpics is easy to place on the walls

The best thing about Wallpics is that it is easy to stick on the walls. This way you remain free from the tedious work of drilling a hole and placing a screw on the wall or trying to hammer a nail into the concrete wall of your home. You just need to stick it on the walls and the special adhesive present on it will ensure that it remains on the wall without any problem.

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Wallpics can be reused repeatedly

Wallpics is something which can be used again which you do not find commonly in other wall decors. It is not easy to move around other decorative items on the walls. However, in the case of Wallpics, you can do this without taking any pain. You just need to peel off the customized pictures and it will come out clean without taking off the wall paints.

Wallpics ensures your walls remain free from mark

When you buy a wall sticker and place it on the wall and try to remove it later then it leaves mark on it which later demands the renovation of the walls. This is something which doesn’t happen with the Wallpics. This way these bespoke wall pictures give you a chance to change the setting of the room without worrying about the walls of your home.

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Wallpics is unique

Being customized, Wallpics give you an opportunity to decorate your home in a unique way. Your own pictures placed on the walls of your home in a stylish and appealing pattern, thereby creating a positive energy in the room. This is something which you want your wall decors to have and Wallpics definitely delivers you this as making your home look unique is something which everyone wishes too but hardly get. However, now with Wallpics, you can get what you expect and that is uniqueness. This is the Unique Selling Proposition of Wallpics.

Wallpics can be ordered effortlessly

Another thing about Wallpics is that it can be ordered easily. You just need to download wallpicsapp and then upload the selected pictures from your album to this mobile application. Once it gets uploaded, you can place the order. This app is available in the Apple store as well as on Google Play. Anyone whether an Android phone user or an iOS user may download the app. You must at least place the order for a set of three pictures which will cost you $35 and each additional photo will cost you $9. Furthermore, the shipping charge is free for those who are from the US and those outside the US also do not need to pay a too high amount.


Wallpics is very different from other wall decors, such as wall stickers, wall photo frame, mirrors, paintings, etc. This wall décor is customized and is damage-free for the walls. Even the cost of the product is affordable and in comparison to other wall decorative items, you do not need to take any effort for placing the pictures. You can just paste it on the walls of your home and when someone visits you then you will definitely garner compliments from all corners.

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Last Updated: Oct 09, 2018