Call of Duty: Warzone Gives Cheaters a Taste of Their Own Medicine

When it comes to video games, multiplayer titles have gone quite far in every aspect of their development. Just as the gameplay, graphics, and various other features of the game are being upgraded regularly, players also keep “upgrading”. That is, they persist in finding new ways to get a better score by using things like a HWID Spoofer and breaking every rule in the book.


Game developers in charge of designing the games say that preventing players from cheating is an impossible mission despite their best efforts. However, the American video game developer, Infinity Ward, came up with a genius idea that should teach cheaters a lesson.


To find out how the company is planning to implement the new anti-cheating measures into its legendary game Call of Duty: Warzone, continue reading below.

New Anti-Cheating Measures

Infinity Ward, the developer of the world-famous Call of Duty game, has been experiencing huge problems with cheaters recently. During the previous month, the developer banned 70,000 players suspected of cheating from playing the game.


Still, banning the players doesn’t seem to get to the core of the problem. Namely, players can easily create a new account and come back to slay the fair players in this free-to-play shooting game. For this reason, Infinity Ward decided to make cheaters play against each other.


How are they going to do that? Well, the procedure includes a special lobby that the Infinity Ward team is working on. The lobby will be reserved for all suspected cheaters who will then be set up to play against other cheaters without their knowledge. Now, that sounds like a game worth watching and maybe even betting on.


This way, honest players will be spared the pain of injustice, while the cheaters will get a taste of their own medicine.


Along with Call of Duty: Warzone, another Call of Duty title called Modern Warfare will be joining this battle against cheaters.


This method should buy enough time for developers to come up with better protective measures against cheaters. Also, the developers will try to implement advanced protective mechanisms that will prevent players from using scripts.

How Will New Measures Be Implemented?

Unfortunately, developers haven’t yet created a system that would be able to determine with certainty which player is cheating. The only way to do so, for now, is to observe players in an effort to spot any extraordinary actions they may perform.

The most common ways of cheating include the use of aimbots, which help players never miss their targets, and wallhacks, which enable cheaters to see through walls and other solid structures.

Since there are too many players currently playing Call of Duty, there’s no way for the developers to spot the cheaters without some help. Therefore, the idea is that any player who notices a potential cheater reports it immediately. As proof that the cheater has been taken care of the reporter will get an in-game notification.

However, even though this new anti-cheating system hasn’t been introduced yet, the gaming audience started wondering how exactly the developers will be sure that the reports are trustworthy.

Will the reported player immediately get labeled as a cheater? Or will there be any way of checking whether the report is honest and accurate? Moreover, there is also the question of differentiating between a cheater and a genuinely professional player.

Since this whole system is still under development, we can’t give you any definite answers. However, one thing is certain — just by reading about these new measures, cheaters will probably be more careful in the future.

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Last Updated: Apr 24, 2020