From Destiny 2 to Heroes of the Storm, there are some awesome video games to play right now. This variety has helped gaming as a sector flourish and video gaming in particular has developed into a multi-billion dollar per year industry. Gaming in general has also grown due to the constant evolution it undergoes.

In the present day, virtual reality is a good example of an exciting innovation that gamers are enjoying. As shown at GryVR, the VR space is a hot trend in general and one that actually has plenty of uses across multiple industries. As a result, VR is something that could affect all our futures generally.

But how exactly could it influence gaming moving forward?

VR could play a huge role in greater gaming connectivity

The future of VR is an exciting thing to ponder and one that should have a major effect on gaming as an industry. One good example of this is the greater levels of connectivity it should deliver to gamers.

It is hoped that the much talked about metaverse will enable gamers to engage in a more natural, almost real way online. This will see you able to play games by using an online avatar that moves in tandem with your physical movements in the real world. It will also see you able to interact with other gamers avatars online in a much more authentic way than current online gaming offers.

Much of the metaverse’s success will be down to VR and how it will enable gamers to connect in a much more immersive way when playing online. Many people also think that the use of virtual reality technology within the metaverse will being a greater level of connectivity to the real and online worlds in general!

Future of VR in simulation games

Simulation type titles are nothing new to gamers and you can pick up games to enjoy which simulate flying a plane or driving a train for example. Simulation games could see a real evolution moving ahead though, as more VR tech could be seen in them.

This would be a major development because it puts you right into the heart of the action and makes any simulation type game a lot more enjoyable. Rather than sitting in your front room flying the latest fighter jet, the future of VR in simulations could make it a much more thrilling experience!

Greater ease of use for VR gaming tech

Virtual reality technology in gaming is nothing new and has been around for many years. Despite this, it is only now that it has really started to make its presence felt. Much of this comes down to the price point of home VR kit for gamers being lower and the number of good VR games to enjoy being higher. You also have to factor in how this kind of technology in gaming has advanced rapidly lately and become easier to use.

It is likely that this greater ease of use will only get better in future and make playing VR games a lot simpler. This could be down to anything from greater levels of plug in and play design from manufacturers to less fiddly controls on headsets/hand controllers. Due to this extra simplicity, VR gaming could really take off in homes around the country soon and be something that all gamers feel comfortable using.

More innovations in games

We have already noted how gaming as a whole relies on innovation to move forward over time. Virtual reality is certainly a great example of this and should have a big impact on our future. But how might this happen exactly?

For many, it will come down to the greater levels of innovation it should inspire in game studios and the greater innovation seen in their titles as a result. More VR in games for example could make gameworlds look even more real, make interactions with AI characters more realistic and make completing tasks in games a much more visceral experience. The greater predominance of VR in games could also see developers designing games in a way which enable players to almost feel what they are playing, rather than just look at it.

VR will change our lives

From games to help you study to video games that are just pure fun, it is easy to see why gaming has taken off. When you look at VR in gaming, it is easy to see why this innovation could have a huge impact on its future. As the above shows, this should be in positive ways that gamers will love.

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Last Updated: Jul 13, 2022