We knew you wanted to be snotlings... just not how much!

The folks at Warhammer Alliance are running a large poll on their forums, asking for race and class choices. The results are turning into a pretty clear imbalance on the side of Chaos. About 2/3 of the population is choosing a Chaos based race, so watch out Order!

Results Summary

* Destruction outnumbers Order 3:2
* Greenskins outnumber Dwarfs 3:2
* Chaos outnumbers Empire 3:2
* D-Elfs outnumber H-Elfs 3:2
* D-Elf vs. H-Elf is the closest pairing
* Greenskin is the most popular realm
* Dwarf is the least popular realm
* Shaman is the most popular class
* Hammerer is the least popular class
* Shamans outnumber Runepriests 2:1
* Chosen outnumber KotBS’ 2:1
* Magus’ outnumber Bright Wizards 2:1
* Disciples of Khaine outnumber Archmages 2:1
* White Lions outnumber Witch Elfs 2:1

For the full breakdown and spreadsheet, click here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016