Dota Underlords is a game in which you compete with opponents, hiring and developing a team of heroes in the struggle for supremacy in the city of White Spire. In this game, victory will be achieved not by the one who presses the buttons faster, but by the one who makes the right decisions.

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What’s New in Dota Underlords?

Firstly, the creators of Dota Underlords have improved the format of the battle and added a new mode in this game. They have released an update for this game, which changed the format of the battle, added a new mode, and also developed some characters. You can read more about the Dota Underlords here.

So, the main changes in the game are:

  • New match system

Now players are divided into pairs and fight against a specific opponent in a common battle. If an odd number of players remain in the match, then one of them fights against a clone of one of the participants.

  • Ranks

Henceforth the player’s rank is a certain number which can be tracked. The rank does not depend on the opponent. It is calculated from how you finished the ranked match. The player receives bonus ranking points every time he reaches a certain rank. The rank is assigned to the player and does not decrease after the defeat.

  • The new “normal” mode

Game results in this mode will not affect the player’s rank. Here you can play alone or with your friends. Players will only come across rivals of the same level as themselves. Also, you can perform tests and gain achievements in the mode.

  • Rating mode

The round can be searched only by yourself, and your rank and its level are used to search for rivals (bruiser I, upstart III, and so on). To access the rating mode, new players will need to play 5 rounds in the normal mode (do not worry: if you have already played in the online mode at least once, you will get access to it). You can take daily challenges and gain achievements.

  • Display changes in the selection of players

Henceforth players will see their rating as a Dota Underlords number. The creators also published the number of points for winning the match.

  • Heroes

Crystal Maiden maximum health changed from 450, 900, 1800 to 550, 1100, 2000. Juggernaut can now cast Blade Fury only when it is surrounded by at least two enemies.

Eidolon minimum damage increased from 40, 50 to 40, 80, and maximum — from 60, 70 to 60, 120. His highest health level has been increased from 300 to 300, 600.

Attack speed bonus of Ogre-Magi, using “Bloodlust” has been increased from 35, 55, 75 to 50, 90, 130. Valve also released a new pack of images of model heroes of this game. The appearance of the heroes at the second and third levels will change with the release of the next patch. Arc Warden, Doom, Dragon Knight, Drow Ranger, Kunkka, Gyrocopter, Medusa, Mirana, Razor and Templar Assassin underwent changes.

To sum up, having familiarized yourself with all the above advantages of this game, you simply couldn’t help to try your hand at playing it. Successful games to you, dear gamers!


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Last Updated: Aug 08, 2019

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