Questions by: Tony "RadarX" Jones and Brok "Brokain" Ferguson

Answers by: Scott Stricklin, Web Development Lead for Mythic Entertainment

If you have visited Mythic Entertainment's Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning website recently you might have noticed a tab called "Realm War." What does it mean? Descriptions such as providing "information on the tide of war with the state of objectives," give a little insight into what it's all about but we decided to go to the source. Mythic's Web Development Lead Scott Stricklin shared with us not only their plan for Realm War, but what features it will provide..

Ten Ton Hammer: Where does the Realm War fit into the game?

Scott Stricklin: Our concept with the Realm War was to have an online source of information about the state of the game that people could reference when they weren't able to play. So it very much fits into the Dark Age of Camelot Herald style of surfacing, RvR information, character information, and leaderboards. It makes that available to people 24/7.

Ten Ton Hammer: Will this information be accessible to people in the game?

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Keep Tabs on Your Side

Scott Stricklin: The information that appears on the web in some ways mimics what's in game. In other ways, because it's on the web we can sort of massage the data to put things together in a way that isn't really possible in the game. For instance, the leaderboards are calculations which are run once a week and that's something not available in the game. A lot of the character information which someone could obviously see their own and the state of the campaign would be available in game.

Ten Ton Hammer: Will there be a way for characters to view what equipment other players have?

Scott Stricklin: It is going to show character information, stats, and equipment. Our original concept is just to make all of that available and once we get passed launch we'll consider what kind of options we want to give people for display. On top of that the leaderboards are obviously open to everybody. We want people who are distinguishing themselves to sort of have their name in lights. They've achieved something and for the moment, they are and this shows everyone who are the real movers and shakers.

I think the real meat of the Realm War website is going to be the state of the war on any given server. A lot of what is exciting about RvR in Warhammer Online is the upper tier, sieging cities, and taking objectives. We want to make all that available to people so they can see exactly what their guild is doing or what sort of ownership they have. Is their server in trouble or has one side made a breakthrough? Those are the sorts of things we want ot make available.

Ten Ton Hammer: How often is this information updated?

Scott Stricklin: We update close to every 30 seconds. There are some cases where you have a bit of a delay, but it's never more than a minute. We want it to be very much updated. Particularly when you are talking about RvR, the whole battlefield can change in five minutes time. We want that to be as updated as you can get without physically being there.

Ten Ton Hammer: What do you find is the most exciting feature about the Realm War?

Scott Stricklin: For me I definitely like the RvR objective and campaign. That's sort of my pet project mainly because I think just being able to get your finger on the pulse of this content is really interesting. Even people who aren't playing are going to see the battlefield go back and forth and see how can they get involved and put their own stamp on a server. A lot of other MMO games I've played it's a vast sea of the anonymous. We're trying to give people an opportunity to rise above it if they have the dedication and the skill to do it.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016