Is Virtual reality gaming the future in 2020?

Online casinos have set important milestones over the last few decades, but it feels like they hit a brick wall in recent years. There were very few innovative things happening recently and Internet gambling operators are struggling to come up with something original. Incremental progress has so far defined this otherwise creative industry and the only hope for the future comes from disruptive technologies. Virtual reality is a shining example of a modern tech that could shape the future of online gambling.

2020 could be a turning point for online casinos

This was an eventful year for Internet gambling operators and for many new slot sites online, an excellent opportunity to appeal to a broad audience. With people spending more time online playing their favorite games, casinos are encouraged to invest heavily in new technologies. There is plenty of room for growth, but only as long as gambling operators are capable of bringing something new to the table. Introducing virtual reality games is precisely the kind of change that would wake up players from their slumber.

There are plenty of ways to use the new technology to enhance the gaming experience of Internet players. The first things that come to mind are slots, which are the dominant genre at both land-based and online casinos. They are also perfectly suitable to embrace the VR tech, since they can easily be optimized without having to reinvent the wheel. Furthermore, software developers will have an excellent opportunity to use proven concepts and build on the popularity of existing games.

As virtual reality comes to mobile devices, the customer pool will grow at an accelerated pace. Tablets and smartphones are already used routinely by most of those who play online and they are perfect for running the VR powered games. There are already several good options for those who appreciate virtual reality, in the form of Oculus Rift and Samsung’s Gear VR headsets. These are inexpensive, reliable and they can turn any classic game into a memorable experience.

A new milestone for live casinos

It’s been almost 2 decades since live dealer games brought an influx of players to online casinos. These were the ones who were reluctant to embrace games running on algorithms, as they were simply distrustful of the random number generator. That represented an important moment for the online gaming industry, which is yet to be surpassed by an equally meaningful event. This is where virtual reality comes in, providing a unique opportunity for casinos to increase their player base virtually overnight.

Currently, the live gaming experience is enhanced by the fact that players can interact with the dealers as well as their peers. They use the intuitive live chat option to ask questions or express their thoughts and feelings, which is nice, but not enough. Virtual reality can take things to the next level, by providing them with the chance to see the surroundings. Players will feel like walking around in a brick-and-mortar casino and admiring the set while having fun with live dealer games.

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Last Updated: Jul 27, 2020