Your Place in Space Awaits

Over the past year, the developers of NetDevil have been insuring that
their upcoming space-based MMOG, Jumpgate Evolution, has received the
amount of attention necessary for the game to be recognized by
interested the common gamer. Now those same developers are ready to
jump into in-depth conversations on their game, and at the recent ION
Games Conference eagerly divulged some exclusive tidbits about PvP and
crafting to Ten Ton Hammer's Cody "Micajah" Bye. Enjoy!

style="font-style: italic;">Eventually the conversation
turned towards PvP and how that is going to play out in Jumpgate
Evolution. "We're going to have specific zones that have wide open PvP
and zones that are PvE but have PvP objectives in them," Scott said.
"So you may not want to engage in the wide open PvP, but you can do the
PvP objectives in the PvE zones so that you can still shoot other
players but not have the constant battle going on. It'll be by choice."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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