Coming hot on the heels of the Champions Online delay, Ten Ton Hammer has more unfortunate news this morning. NetDevil's president, Scott "Scorch" Brown, got on the official forums today and announced that Jumpgate Evolution won't be hitting its original release date. While this isn't unexpected for many fans, the lack of a revised release date leaves the player base without a new goal to look forward to.

Here's a piece of the original post:

With that, let me be up front about the current state of the game from where we stand. Jumpgate Evolution is nearly feature complete, but since entering the Friends & Family phase of testing we’ve been able to bring new eyes onto the game and get solid, crucial feedback from actual players and fans. Based on these results, it is clear that the product needs more time to meet its objectives. As an example, we have received and read lots of feedback regarding the instanced and public PvP systems. The feedback has been vital in helping us polish and improve this core feature of the game. We take a lot of time in digesting and considering what people say and take feedback seriously. Given that situation I can tell you that we would rather delay the release, than let you down by releasing an unfinished product. We will continue development past June while extending the test schedules and respond to the results of those tests.

If you'd like to read more, check out the official post by Scott Brown.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016