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Rumors are a normal part of game development.
Such is the case with Heroes of the Storm. With Heroes being in Alpha and
with little information for fans to go on, the rumors are swirling
unchecked. One of the most popular rumors swirling around the internet is
that Heroes of the Storm, much like Everquest Next Landmark, will allow
players to purchase a Founder's Pack. While some may be thrilled at this
idea, I think we should be a bit more hesitant in embracing it.

Founder's Pack Explained

If you are unsure what is behind the idea of a
Founder's Pack. Let me explain; Founder's Packs are incentive packages
that game companies (in this case Blizzard) put together and offer up for
sale to fans. These packs are appealing because they give early access to
the game, as well as other added bonuses such as special mounts, armor, or
even pets.

Usually Founder's Packs come in various types
and at various price points. The more money you spend, the more stuff you
get and the sooner you will get access to the game. As mentioned above,
this was the way the Founder's Packs for Everquest: Landmark were laid
out. While we don't know for sure if a Heroes of the Storm Founder's Pack
will be incoming or exactly what it will contain, we know for sure that it
will dig into our real life pocket books in order to obtain it.

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Free to Play?

The problem with this is that Heroes of the
Storm is supposed to be a totally free to play game. Like Hearthstone
before it, players will not have to spend any money to own it. The game
can be downloaded and played as much as you like, totally free.

Totally free, unless you want early beta
access. For this privilege the game will suddenly go from absolutely free
to costing us money. Even if it isn't a large sum, why are we being
charged to play what is supposed to be a totally free game? One can argue
that if you don't want to pay for it, you don't have to purchase the
Founder's Pack. This is, of course, true.

With that in mind, this is the first time any
Blizzard fan has had to pay to get early access to anything. All other
games before Heroes of the Storm have dished out beta access free of
charge. This of course meant that some would be left out, but the grand
majority of fans would be left out, but to charge for the privilege just
seems like a cheap gimmick. Besides, aren't they making enough money off
of us already?

In-Game Store

Case in point, the Heroes of the Storm in-game
store. Here players will be able to spend their real life cash on in-game
items. Not unusual or unexpected for a free to play game. In fact, it
would be more surprising if the store wasn't included in the game. Profits
from this store are expected to help to pay to keep Heroes of the Storm

While I am not a big fan of in-game stores, I
think they are harmless enough. This is especially true when they appear
in free-to-play games. To add the option to also pay to be a part of the
beta seems to be an un-needed expense.

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To Each Their Own

Many will argue that opting to pay for the
Founder's Pack is optional. You don't have to do it. This is very true.
However, many fans will feel they need to purchase it, simply
because they are dedicated to all of Blizzard's games. Of course, each of
us must choose our own path and it is fine if some want to purchase their
chance to be a part of the beta. With that being said, I believe this is a
slippery slope.

How long before all Blizzard's games will ask
players to pay a fee to help them test a game. This, in my personal
opinion, is a service that should never have a price tag on it. After all,
aren't we doing the developers a favor by trying out their game?

Free, Forevermore

In my case, I won't be purchasing any
Founder's Packs, even though I would love to know I could count on being
involved in the Heroes of the Storm beta. I just can't validate spending
real cash on something that I believe should be absolutely free. Why
should I pay to play what is supposed to be a free to play game?

Of course, invites will probably also go out
to other members, but it stands to reason that the grand majority will go
to players who choose to dish out the cash and pay. I can only hope that
this Founder's Pack idea is a passing fancy and none of us feel as if we
have to pay to play a beta, an imperfect version of what will be a
free-to-play game. This is one rumor that needs to remain just that.

Would you pay to guarantee a spot in beta
testing for Heroes of the Storm? Why or why not? Share your thoughts with
us in the comments section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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