Guide to Eregion

By Darkgolem

Eregion is a large region located south of the Trollshaws and north of
the Mines of Moria.  This is the first area you reach when you
arrive at the new Mines of Moria content.  Eregion is a large
grassy area, moderately forested in it’s northern portion, thinly
forested to it’s south.  A riverbed travels east to west from
Moria to an area called Mirobel in the southern portions of Eregion,
this once housed the river known as Sirannon, the gate stream of Moria.

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href=""> title="Map of Eregion" alt="Eregion"
style="border: 2px solid ; width: 200px; height: 139px;" align="left">Peoples
of Eregion

There are 4 major groups in Eregion, the Elves of Rivendell, the
Dwarves of Moria, Dunlendings and Half-Orcs.

  • The Elves of Rivendell
    are here for two reasons.  From the south, Dunlendings and
    Half-Orcs who serve Saruman have come up from the Gap of Rohan, and
    they threaten to encompass all lands south of the Trollshaws.  The
    elves of Rivendell wish to prevent the advance of the forces of
    Saruman, and additionally wish to cover the tracks of the Fellowship,
    assuring that the enemy does not know where the fellowship went.
  • The Dwarves of Moria are
    here to re-open the Mines, having heard nothing of Lord Balin and his
    expedition.  They are not found in the majority of Eregion,
    instead only near Moria, at the south-east edge of the region.
  • The Dunlendings here have
    been led under false pretenses.  While an uncouth people, they are
    here at war with the free people because of the lies of Saruman, who
    has convinced them they are mistreated by others.  As such, they
    work hand and hand with the Half-Orcs and their warg allies who
    directly work for Saruman. href=""> title="Barad Morlas" alt="Barad Morlas"
    style="border: 2px solid ; width: 200px; height: 139px;" align="right">
  • The Half-Orcs are here
    directly for Saruman.  They are interested in finding out if the
    Ring is in Rivendell or moving, and work with and use the Dunlendings
    for this.

Northern Eregion

This portion of Eregion is divided into two sections, Glad Ereg and
Pend Eregion.  Infested with wood trolls, huorns and wyrms, this
place holds peril for heroes of the free people coming here from the

href=""> title="The Road from Tal Bruinen" alt="The Road from Tal Bruinen"
style="border: 2px solid ; width: 200px; height: 139px;" align="left">
to Eregion

At Glad Ereg is the first outpost of the elves here, an ancient ruin
called Gwingris.  This should be the first stop for any visitor to
Eregion from the north.  At Gwingris you can find supplies, a
healer, and a stable-master.  To use fast travel you will need to
do deeds for quests in Eregion, once you have done most of the quests
in Eregion, you will be able to fast travel all through Eregion.

There are two ways to get to Eregion from the north.

  • Tal Bruinen: One way to
    Eregion is via Tal Bruinen (36.8S, 13.2W) in the Trollshaws.  A
    stable-master is being added here.  From Tal Bruinen, head south
    and cross the Bruinen (38.3S, 14.6W) and head uphill and south until
    you arrive near Gwingris in Eregion.
  • href=""> title="Road from Giant Valley" alt="Road from Giant Valley"
    style="border: 2px solid ; width: 200px; height: 139px;" align="right"> style="font-weight: bold;">Giant Valley: The other way to
    Eregion and Gwingris is via the Giant Valley in the upper
    Trollshaws.  At the southern portion of the Giant Valley (37.2S,
    5.7W) you can enter an area called Daergil in the north-eastern portion
    of Pend Eregion.  There head south-west following the trail until
    you reach a fork in the heart of Glad Ereg (42.4S, 13.6W) and take the
    north-west path to Gwingris.  The path from Tal Bruinen is much
    faster and safer, as the path through Pend Eregion has dangers from
    wood trolls, huorns and Dunlendings.

href=""> title="Gwingris" alt="Gwingris"
style="border: 2px solid ; width: 200px; height: 139px;" align="left">Glad

Glad Ereg is a broad region ranging north from Gwingris, sweeping
south-east through a wooded, hilly region toward Red Horn Pass. 
This region is thickly inhabited by giant fire-flies, wood trolls and
huorns.  Directly south of Gwingris is a high hill, the heart of
the wood trolls corruption, and a cave here is the lair of the wood
trolls leadership.  Most deadly if all foes is the troll leader
here, and unless you have a full fellowship, do not enter this cave and
expect to survive.  This area is called Sad Rechu (42.4S, 13.6W). href=""> title="Northern Eregion" alt="Northern Eregion"
style="border: 2px solid ; width: 200px; height: 139px;" align="right">

East of Sad Rechu is an area inhabited by Dunlendings.  This area
is full of wood-cutters and their guards, and a member of the free
people entering here can expect hard fighting.

Pend Eregion

href=""> title="The Pass of Cachres" alt="The Pass of Cachres"
style="border: 2px solid ; width: 200px; height: 139px;" align="left">This
long stretch of land is divided right in it’s center by a high spur of
rock, almost a hill, running south-west to north-east.  All of
Pend Eregion is inhabited by wyrms and crebain, the latter spies of
Sarumen.  Northern Pend Eregion, near the road from Giant Valley,
is an area called Lhugres (38.8S, 6.8W), a lair of the lizard-like
wyrms of Pend Eregion.  The skirting the rock spur in the middle
of Pend Eregion on it’s northeastern edge is a pass called Hollin Ridge
or Carchres (42.4S, 9.2W), a second way to the more southern portions
of Eregion rather than detouring west to Glad Ereg.

South of the rock spur in the center of Pend Eregion, east and south of
Sad Rechu is the ruin of Pembar (44.1S, 10.8W).  href=""> title="Pembar" alt="Pembar"
style="border: 2px solid ; width: 200px; height: 139px;" align="right">
Pembar is inhabited by half-orcs and wyrms alike, the home of a plot to
raise these wyrms as servants to the half-orcs, and a very dangerous
place for enemies of Saruman to go.

Southern Eregion


South of Glad Ereg is a region called Hollin.  This area is almost
a plain, with the Sirannon to the south, the foot hills of Caradhras to
the east, and Glad Ereg to the north.  South of the Sirannon is
the region known as Emyn Naer, the gateway toward the Gap of Rohan.

href=""> title="The Burnt Tor" alt="The Burnt Tor"
style="border: 2px solid ; width: 200px; height: 139px;" align="left">Hollin
is no longer is occupied by the trolls and huorns of northern Eregion,
instead, this area is under the control of the forces of Saruman. 
To the east is Tal Caradhras, an area haunted by wolves and
wargs.  At the easternmost portion of Tal Caradhras is Red Horn

Red Horn Pass

Red Horn pass can be reached by two different paths.  In the very
heart of Tal Caradhras is an east-west tor of rock, travelling on the
northern side of Tal Caradhras leads you to a winding path, with no
specific guardians, eventually all the way up to the pass. To the sides
of this trail you still can find foes, and at one point the location
known as Cirith Narugarth (45.6S, 7.2W) is thickly inhabited by Crebain.

href=""> title="The Edge of the Snowline" alt="The Edge of the Snowline"
style="border: 2px solid ; width: 200px; height: 139px;" align="right">

The southern route to Red Horn Pass is guarded by a palisade inhabited
by half orcs, called Tar Stazg.  You cannot get unremarked to Red
Horn pass this way, but the path is shorter, though very steep.

Red Horn Pass is quickly snowbound, with visibility going from almost a
clear day to nothing in mere feet.  The pass is watched by ice
spirits, snow beasts and other deadly creatures.  The Pass is,
obviously, closed.

The lower portions of Red Horn Pass and the lands of Tal Caradhras is
home to mountain goats, saber-tooth, crebain.  href=""> title="The Burnt Tor" alt="The Burnt Tor"
style="border: 2px solid ; width: 200px; height: 139px;" align="left">Noteworthy
at Tal Caradhras’s landmarks is the Burnt Tor (49.1S, 10.5W). 
This hillock is burnt and grey, and thickly watched by Wargs.

High Hollin

Directly south of Sad Rechu, west from Tal Caradhras, is th region of
High Hollin.  High Hollin has two noteworthy features.

  • Echad Eregion
    Located very close to Barad Morlas, Echad Eregion (47.0S, 12.5W) is a
    second outpost of elves in Eregion, with the same goals as those of
    Gwingris.  Very near to Echad Eregion is a major outpost of
    Half-Orcs, so this is busy outpost.  A supplier, healer and stable
    master is here.
  • Barad Morlas is another
    elven ruin.  Picturesque and beautiful, this place is haunted by
    Half-Orcs and their wolf pets.  href=""> title="Tal Carahadras Lowlands" alt="Tal Carahadras Lowlands"
    style="border: 2px solid ; width: 200px; height: 139px;" align="right">This
    is very close to Echad Eregion, and when approaching these ruins, make
    sure you have confused Barad Morlas (48.1S, 13.7W) for Echad Eregion.

Low Hollin

href=""> title="Low Hollin" alt="Low Hollin"
style="border: 2px solid ; width: 200px; height: 139px;" align="left">Low
Hollin is bordered south by the dry wadi of the Sirannon.  At the
very east side of Low Hollin, south of the burnt tor, is Echad Dunann
(50.6S, 7.8W).  Home to a stable master, supplier, healer, and a
large contingent of elves and dwarves here.  The very door to the
outskirts of Moria is here to the east.

Emyn Naer

This area is defined as all points south of the Sirannon.  At the
eastern point of Emyn Naer is Porth Cadlus (53.4W, 9.5S), the major
fort of the Dunlending’s in Eregion.  Aside from the Dunlendings
you can find the ever-present crebain, wolves and wargs. href=""> title="The Sirannon" alt="The Sirannon"
style="border: 2px solid ; width: 200px; height: 139px;" align="right">

Western Emyn Naer has the region of Mirobel.  Mirobel was once the
site of a school, and this schools is now occupied by Dunlendings,
Half-Orcs of Saruman, and most ominously, Angmarim from the
north.  Here is the heart of Saruman’s effort to turn href=""> title="Echad Eregion" alt="Echad Eregion"
style="border: 2px solid ; width: 200px; height: 139px;" align="left">the
Dunlendings fully against the free people.  

Nearby to the school here is Echad Mirobel (52.3S, 17.0W), the last of
the elven outposts in Eregion.  The elves here are concerned
deeply about the activities at the school, and there is plenty of need
for heroes of the free people here.  Echad Mirobel has supplies, a
healer, a forge master, relic master, and a stable master.

Across a ravine from both the school and Echad Mirobel is Tham Mirdain,
occupied by the enemy.  This area is perhaps the strongest home of
the enemy in Eregion, and very dangerous for visitors. href=""> title="Echad Dunann" alt="Echad Dunann"
style="border: 2px solid ; width: 200px; height: 139px;" align="right">

Eregion As a Whole

Eregion is not as large as the north downs, but still has several days
worth of exploring and adventuring available to members of the free
people who should come to this area.  Of note, the most important
thing to do is to get enough quests for rapid transit to Echad Gwingris
from Echad Dunann, for rapid travel in later levels.

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