During a recent visit to SOE Denver, Ten Ton Hammer spent a few hours in the surprisingly robust single player mode of Magic the Gathering - Tactics robust and also met our match in PvP. We'll also look at the ever-touchy topic of how we'll pay for this free-to-play game:

"Free to play but pay to win? That’s almost a certainty when competing against other players that have a financial stake in their spellbooks, but Studio Lead Mark Tuttle insists that in solo play, the first, free campaign shall be free indeed. “Whether or not you make it through all the chapters on your first try with just the starter pack, that may not be the case. But is it possible? Sure it’s possible.”

How well it plays and preserves that MTG spirit of swords, sorcery, and a rent check spent on booster packs is the subject of our Magic: The Gathering - Tactics hands-on preview.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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