With the launch of Magic: The Gathering Tactics, the denizens of Ten Ton Hammer wanted to learn more about this latest incarnation of their collectable addiction. Tracking down Mark Tuttle, SOE Denver Studio Lead for Magic: The Gathering Tactics, we convinced him to tell us his secrets or endure endless rounds of playing against our blue migraine decks!

Mark Tuttle: When you come into the game and choose your color of mana, which is going to pick what starter you get, and select your avatar, you’ll be introduced to the tutorials. Tutorials are divided up into chapters and are very short. Essentially, they show you different concepts; they’re a very quick lesson. You click through the tutorials, then you’re introduced to what we’re calling the tutorial mission. It’s a prelude tutorial. It’s going to walk you through a very short gameplay mission.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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