PGL Major Antwerp 2022 became the main CS:GO event in the spring. Even though the fight for the title of the tournament hasn’t surprised us at all, the competition was completed with several interesting results. Read on to get to know more about the main outcomes of the Major.

Expected champion

The leader of the world rating to get on the list of the main favourites expectedly. Due to this reason hardly anybody got surprised by FaZe’s victory. If the first map of the final kept intrigue up to extra rounds, on Nuke everything was crystal clear. The best game was shown by Håvard "rain" Nygaard. The Norwegian player was recognised as MVP of the whole tournament. It brought the title to his team along with the title of the most valuable player of the Major. Being a veteran, he outperformed his younger opponents. He received the personal award at the age of 27. 

Their road at the tournament could not be called the smoothest for sure. FaZe didn’t start confidently on the first day, but at the playoff there were some difficulties while playing Team Spirit. However, in other respects the team showed a worthy game being able to turn up at some responsible moments. The mix of young and experienced esportsmen from different countries turned out to be a high quality approach to assembling the strongest team.

Fails of grand and new names

If the champion was expected, the results of the European grands were far more surprising. First of all, we should note Astralis’ dull game. Having started the Challengers Stage pretty cheerfully with a victory 16:2 over IHC Esports, the Danish started to lose control over the game. At the second round they were defeated by Vitality, and at the decisive games the players failed matches against Team Spirit and Team Liquid. Meanwhile Vitality were not able to get into the swing and left the Legends stage.

However, Astralis was not the only club in the Danish CS:GO. The young and popular gamers from Copenhagen Flames showed a good game. The players reached the quarter finals where they lost against ENCE.

Another fresh star is definitely a team from Kosovo called Bad News Eagles. Obviously, the players lack experience, however, Bad News Eagles’ bold game deserves People’s Choice Award at this Major. The Kosovars were worthy of proceeding to the Legends Stage, but, unfortunately, they were unable to advance to the playoff.

Almost a sensation from Team Spirit

Team Spirit were aimed to repeat the success of their Dota 2 colleagues. And even if they were unable to win, they certainly showed a very good game. Despite all the difficulties and the outsider status, the Dragons dealt with all stages of the tournament easily. And then the team almost made a sensation but were unable to defeat the future champions at the semifinal.

Team Spirit had every chance on both maps. At first, they lost 13:16 on Mirage, and then showed an intriguing battle on Dust 2 that finished with 25:23 for FaZe. And still, Team Spirit showed great games against Astralis and FURIA Esports. In the following competition the players are not going to be treated as outsiders and they have to be taken seriously.

Uncertain Natus Vincere

It was a special Major for “Born to Win”. The team came to Belgium as a current champion. The gamers and fans were dreaming about repeating the achievement once made by  Astralis and Fnatic. The competition shape and the situation around the team caused doubts that Na`Vi was close to the game level they had shown the previous autumn. 

Despite the skepsis and difficulties, the team managed to show a great performance. It entered the playoff and managed to proceed to the final which became the fifth for them. The esports organization was left without the title but we can’t call their result failing. Now we have to observe if the team will be able to keep their roster. The players are going to miss the tournament in Dallas due to visa issues so the final decision about changing the roster may be postponed.

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Last Updated: Jun 01, 2022


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