Will the Pandemic Save Marvel’s Avengers after a Rough Start?

The Avengers was a really great announcement back in 2017 when Square Enix was developing the superhero gaming adventure. The thought of controlling Iron Man, Captain America and other superheroes couldn’t get anyone off the official website for a release date. The beta version came pretty fast and it had its fair share of highs and lows. The beta version had a lot more variety in its missions, much like many of the top online casino games, and it was a little bit underwhelming when the full version was released in September. Let’s dig deeper into how the Avenger’s game had a bit of a rough start, though it garnered a lot of popularity during its release.

The Introduction of Kamala and the Combat System

The major change with the new release of the Avengers is the introduction of Kamala, the future Ms Marvel. It seems like a strange idea since she is not yet in any of the movies. Kamala is seen as the central character in this game although it will take a few hours of gameplay before you realise it. While all the characters are decent, they are largely predictable and the addition of Kamala made a slight difference in how the game unfolds.

If you play the combat system for the first time, it seems challenging but as you progress to other levels, you begin to realise the same attack steps. This removes the difficulty level of the game and can easily turn into completing a repetitive chore rather than a challenge. The lack of diversity in the supervillains also plays a role in making some parts monotonous. The voiceovers didn’t seem to be as different and some were almost the same. But still, the combat is enjoyable and the game does well in imitating the moves of and abilities of each superhero as in the movie.

The Loot System

But what became less interesting of the game was the loot system which seems to have been patched in the game for no reason. It barely makes sense that every few minutes of gameplay you pick up a new chest and you have to switch to the menu to swap the clad. The whole gauntlet thing seemed unnecessary or rather incorrectly placed, something the franchise would have noticed during testing.

The promotional material for the Avengers seemed to be a little bit off-course after playing the story mode. For one, Kamala is clearly the centre of the gameplay, but the marketing team didn't focus on the superhero. Also, the “live service” that Crystal Dynamics was really pushing did not really sit well with critics once they got their hands on the game. The combat is fun to play but does not have enough juice to keep players going.

Other games have fallen in this trap and EA’s Anthem is the most conspicuous example. Anthem’s release was disastrous in terms of live service but had a lot more gameplay than avengers in its first month. But still, the Avengers had a handsome chunk of perks and had better sales than any other games in September 2020. As announced by NPD, Marvel’s Avengers was the biggest moneymaker in September beating out other competitors like Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, and Tony Hawk Pro Skater. The game is available for PlayStation 4, PC, Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PlayStation 5.

Perhaps some of the sales increases from the site could be attributed to this year’s increase in the use of video game hardware and accessories. This year’s game hardware sales is $277 million, 15% more than last year’s total sales. Amidst the high sales in September, Crystal Dynamics also announced a couple of updates and fixes in the game’s future. One of the tweaks included introducing an additional Marvel’s Avenger character whom they later postponed. Kate Bishop was to feature in the game somewhere in September but Head of Studii Scot Amos postponed the character’s debut until somewhere out of October.

Bishop’s inclusion is meant to shift the storyline a little bit and will continue with the addition of Clint Barton. We’re glad Amos acknowledged some of the flaws in the current gameplay and promised to fix in the next updates. “We know fans are hungry for new content but delivering a fun experience is our priority,” he stated. “Moving forward, we intend to have a fixed, predictable patching cycle to ensure all new content meets both our and your high standards and has a time for extensive internal testing.”

Las Vegas Exhibitions and Avengers Themed Slots at the Top Online Casinos

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The company’s Las Vegas exhibition covers 31,000 square feet and lets Avengers fans explore the superheroes. At the exhibit, you’ll find lots of costumes and props used in the Avengers movies including Captain America’s uniform and shield, Black Widow’s uniform, Iron Man’s MK 24 suit, Bruce Banner’s Laboratory and more. If you haven’t seen the Avengers: Endgame there’s no need to worry about spoilers as the exhibition has begun in 2016 and does not have any hints to the latest Marvel’s movie.

As mentioned, the fun at Las Vegas doesn’t end at the exhibition. Marvel Cinematic Universe and Playtech have also advanced the Avengers gameplay to online slot games. The superhero-themed game has had titles such as The Avengers, The Incredible Hulk, and Iron Man. These video slot games have excellent graphics and provide an excellent experience at the casino. The Avengers is a decent video slot although the providers could work more on the payouts and the free spin bonuses.

While the payout may seem low, the video slot game is amazing and has superior animations and sound as compared to other Playtech releases.

Success Secrets From The Blockbuster

Marvel’s Avengers is just one part of the many franchises that we can use as an example of how the company is successful throughout its decade of entertainment. The first thing you’d realise about Marvel’s comics is that they only have one captain, Feige. He has been the lead producer ever since Marvel’s inception and has led the crew with a lot of consistency. Feige looks for actors, writers, and directors as he’s known for maintaining a low cost on talents.

The Avengers audience breakdown caters for all four quadrants of people. They have 50 percent over 25, 40 percent female, 55 percent couples, 24 percent families. This shows the film’s broad appeal to audiences. For instance, Samuel L. Jackson has a wide African-American appeal, Mark Ruffalo, Renner and Downey, had adults in play, while Hemsworth Evans appealed to the young adults. At the same time, the colorful costumes appealed to young kids and helped sell it to youngsters.

The 3D factor also played a huge role in lifting the success of Avengers. Most people had doubts of 3D films but the 52% people who watched the Avengers in 3D added a roughly $30 million revenue to the blockbuster. The next sequel of Avengers might bring more numbers as there’s a lot of interest in 3D movies, especially in China, Russia, and Brazil.

The idea of grouping characters was Feige’s six-year plan and began when Iron Man first appeared on the big screen in 2007. The movie opened with a $98.6 million that weekend and the Marvel studios chief, Feige immediately announced four more movies in relation to Iron Man- Thor, Captain America, Iron Man 2, and The Incredible Hulk. As these movies were released, he slowly introduced characters who would be key acts in the Avengers, Names like Back Widow and Hawkeye popped up in some of these movies, a time which only comic-book fans understood the reference.

Each movie that war released at that time was a preparation of the Avengers which was enough time to get to know the kind of audience Feige was focused on. If you were not a fan of Captain America, then you’d definitely fancy Iron Man or Chris Hemsworth as Thor. This idea has never been done before and a top film producer rendered this as an ingenious marketing strategy.

As we have seen, Marvels have progressively changed since Martin Goodman’s humble beginning in the 1930s. The company started with comic books and evolved into a big brand intertwined in television shows, novels, movies, video games, and online casinos. One of Marvel’s great secrets to ist success is the ability to add their movie plots in line with novels without adding too much suspense or disbelief. The superheroes are not perfect but they really come out perfectly, especially with villains.

They’ve had a rough start with the current video game release, but we hope the tweaks and updates will make the game more interesting and less of a loop cycle as they debut new heroes, plots, and scenes. Marvel’s Avengers is a unique blockbuster, video game and an overall great brand across the globe. We hope to see more goodies even though the pandemic has slowed down things and speeded up announcements that were set to happen this year.

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Last Updated: Nov 26, 2020